Shocking Quotes From The Website, Behind The Blood Shed Criminal Justice 105 Homework Assignment

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Aniyah Gardner CJ-105F November 14, 2017
Behind the Bloodshed
“Ineffective protective orders, gaps in the mental health system, immigration bureaucracy and other lapses have been implicated in many cases.”
The website describes it as a failed safety net. Although many blame the law, and justice systems for this failed safety net, it seems that some horrendous events such as mass killings cannot be prevented. For instance, gaps in the mental health system is a very touchy subject. Society has a tendency to put a hush on mental illnesses, meaning pretending it does not exist. Many families of those who have committed mass shootings and killings, have said they were aware of the mental illness, but they did not know what to do about it. This is shocking because we have various information around us that will allow us to conduct research. The research may not provide us with a definite answer, but information will be provided on ways to get help for those who needed. Immigration bureaucracy laws should be revised and amended worldwide as a way to prevent these heinous acts from occurring. As for ineffective protective orders, it takes time for a protective order processed and serves. Personally, I feel for that reason they will always be ineffective. In addition, a protective order is just a piece of paper, the victim still has to call law enforcement in the event of an altercation, or if the person violates the protective order. This...

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