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The Congo genocide, though unfamiliar to most, has a staggering death toll of about six million through disease and harrowing murders (Ford). The definition of genocide is the mass killing of a group. The most familiar genocide would be the Holocaust. The Holocaust occurred in the 1930s when Adolf Hitler tried to eliminate every Jew, along with other groups, on the planet. Of all of the horrific genocides in the history books one still lingers today: the Democratic Republic of Congo. This third world county is going through an awful time of hatred an cruelty. Some believe it is the worst genocide since the Holocaust (Ford). The story there is tragic and horrifying…
These tragic events are caused by resource hunting and political strain. Most of the warfare takes place in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some of the violence occurs because of agitation of Rwandan and Ugandan refugees. The fighting is in direct relation to the African World Wars. In Africa, there is a myriad of precious natural resources including gold, diamonds, and uranium. These resources create a staggering sum of thirty-five million in United States currency. Of course with valuables such as these, conflicts will arise. However, Most of the cold-blooded murders are committed “under the radar.” This meaning that they are usually done without any witnesses. In some opinions the United States and Great Brittan is to blame for the funding and arming of murderers in Africa (Ford). This is a result of all of the valuable resources that are traded for weaponry form the U.S. (Ford). The methods and casualties of this homicidal rampage are appalling.
For the African civilians living in the Congo, no one is safe. There are random killings daily. One of the most shocking weapons of this mass-killing is rape. It is being used constantly as an intimidating weapon of fear. It is also used for deliberately contaminating women with STDs to intimidate any organized resistance. This results in HIV thriving in the chaos. Because of the violence, many are dying of hunger and disease as well. . An approximate of 1,250 deaths occurs daily. More than 50% of these deaths are children. In remote areas, the violence has caused instability towards any assistance to the matter. A civilian being sold into slavery is not uncommon in the quarrel. However, there have been some attempts to sort the conflict out by an external source.
Help from other countries is limited but is occurring somewhat. Rwanda and Uganda...

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