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Two-hundred years, two-hundred years, is roughly the age of this great nation, it is relatively young, yet magnificently extraordinary. In two-hundred short years, the United States has become perhaps the greatest country on earth, not by sitting around and waiting, as it has been recently, but by acting and “shooting for the stars”. Mars is greatness waiting to happen, but the United States must once again grab the reins and head in that directions. The United States must keep pushing the boundaries, and it must keep the mindset of Paul Brandt when he said, “Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon” because there is not limit they must keep going they must put footprints on mars. It is crucial that the United States pushes its effort harder in space exploration and sends humanity to Mars in order to get back to the roots of what great nation the people were once proud of, to bring significant progress, to increase its economy, and to build a safety net for all mankind.

Recently the United States has taken a backseat to other countries when it comes to great feats, such as the tallest building in the world, the largest city, or the longest bridge. Some might say that these achievements are not super essential as they have no economic advantage, but they are necessary for the sense of their symbolism, symbolism of greatness. The United States can start in reacquiring its acclaimed greatness by achieving one major symbolic feat, traveling to another planet, traveling to Mars, which will show the people of the United States what they were once capable of. Executing this will prove that the United States is still great like it once

was not too long ago , in the 1960’s, when it chose to go to the moon “and do the other things. Not because they are easy, but because they are hard” (Kennedy), because the United States wanted to prove to the world that it could do anything no matter how challenging or difficult of a feat, they needed to be the best. Being the best has always been the American way which enhances its patriotism, the strongest patriotism in the world, and makes its people proud, because they have something of which truly to have pride in. Such as being the foremost leaders in space exploration, as they are because the United States was the first and still the only nation to land on the moon, but “other nations, especially China, are gearing up to land there in the years ahead. America's leadership in space would be in jeopardy” (“The United States Must Provide Stable Funding for the Space Program”) if it did nothing to progress its own explorationand push out into unknown of space further than any other country could.One might think there are many excellent things the United States could do, so why go to Mars? Forty years back the United States faced maybe its greatest threat, Russia, instead of running to its weapons; it tookdown this threat with symbols that exhibited its greatness in the ability to...

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