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Shop Til' You Drop Essay

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Are Americans becoming too materialistic? The U.S.A is known for freedom, and expression, and being able to express yourself is only a credit card swipe away. Its happening all around us, in schools, at work and in society. As the U.S.A advances in new technology, our materialism appears to grow as well. “Things” seem to be a source of entertainment, comfort and a way to judge someone’s worth. Is American materialism becoming an epidemic throughout the world? Are we the country that is known for electronics, cheeseburgers and expensive items, instead of freedom? In my opinion, I believe the answer to all of these questions is yes.
Although some people may disagree and say America isn’t materialistic and Americans consume normally like any other country - that is really not the case, according to various online articles such as “The Concord Coalition” and “Wikipedia”, America breaks the average consumer record, and spend and annual “$23,631,000,000” on imported toys, which is far higher than any other country. In my opinion, imported toys doesn’t make America materialistic, but spending over “$15 billion” on ads directed towards kids to push them to buy those toys, and more than “$500 billion” a year in general advertisements, does. America’s excessive desire to acquire and consume material goods is growing so large that our country has plastered ads on walls, magazines, TV’s, cars and practically anything with a blank surface. We are a country of gluttony, and evidence of our growing materialism is all around us.
Our first problem is that America has become too obsessed with image and rank. What you have is what you’re worth. Magazines, TV ads, and billboards are pushing us to buy their products telling us it will make us “healthier”, “happier” or more “beautiful”, and we believe it. People want to be like the popular person on the TV so they buy, buy, buy until they are satisfied. According to EzineArticles, “55%” of what people judge you on is based on your appearance. Our society judges you for what you wear own and flaunt. This is a growing problem in schools where kids compete against each other on a social ladder for who is the “most popular” or “the coolest”. Trendy clothes, electronics and name...

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