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Shop Until You Drop Essay

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What you have in life should not be measured upon what all you have or what you are able to buy but how happy you are. Over time people have evolved to where they feel like they need materials to make their life happy. Someone once told me that I need material things in life and at first I thought that they were right but now I know that it is untrue. When I was younger I used to think it was true. I learned fast that my happiness was not measured upon what I had, but it is longevity and whether or not you live up to your standards. My mother taught me at a young age that I did not need the name brand items, but as long as I had a roof over my head, shoes on my feet, clothes on my back, a bead to sleep in, and food on my table I cannot complain. A person can have the characteristics of consumerism when all they do is shop for items. Consumerism is an issue that has become very controversial over the past few years. Consumerism has grown over the years and is shown around the holiday season but consumerism is a fixable issue.
As the United States has grown so has the growth of consumption. Consumerism is a fixable issue but there are people who do not believe that consumerism is a bad idea. In order to buy whatever a person wants, they will work more than multiple jobs in order to get that they want (Schor). People will buy the more “luxurious” item instead of buying the “necessary” item just because they are more attracted to them(Schor). Some people were not taught at a young age to spend their money wisely and get what they need before they get any item that they can live without.
Consumerism is shown around the holiday time. Think about it. How many times when you are sitting at home watching TV do you see a Black Friday commercial? I decided to try this experiment for myself. On December 25, I watched Dancing with the Stars from 8-10:01, and saw eight different commercials advertising for Black Friday. Black Friday comes once a year when people will wait in enormously long lines in order to get something that is "on sale" when in reality most of the objects being sold are just slightly discounted or the item you a person is seeking will only have a select number that the store will sale. There are also those people who are considered to have extreme consumerism, thus causing them...

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