Shoplifting Negative Aspects Of, Such As Consequences, Costs And Personal Guilt.

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A common practice among some teenagers these days is shoplifting. Some people get caught and others don't. But most people don't realize all the effects of their actions, all of which are negative to others and themselves. Some of these effects cause problems emotionally with parents and the person charged, with friends, and a lot of complications to the justice system. Shoplifting also affects people that the accused doesn't even know and causes a ripple affect for months after the crime is committed. Teenagers aren't the only people who practice in this act either; there are also adults and a select number of children who do as well.The consequences of shoplifting are very difficult to deal with for parents and also the shoplifter. Parents become disappointed with their child due to the standards they believe that their son or daughter should meet. And sometimes the shoplifter is in reality a good person who had no intentions of hurting anyone, so this can cause parents great emotional shock at the discovery that their child can be considered a thief. Parents are not the only ones who suffer emotionally. The person who commits the crime must also overcome a great deal of guilt and shame. Shame comes from the disappointment of parents and others who know about the crime, and many shoplifters feel guilty because after the fact they realize that they have betrayed their morals.There is a lot of public embarrassment involved with shoplifting too. If an offender isn't given an alternate choice, he or she will have to go to court. The court process is public for anyone who wants to go, and rumors start getting spread about shoplifters, who may not want anyone to know. When the privacy of a shoplifter, ashamed of his/her...

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