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Shopping is a big deal to most people in this particular century. People are trained to shop a few years after they are born. People shop for so many reasons. Some people shop to release stress and others shop just for fun. Some people even classify shopping as a hobby. Just recently, a new kind of shopping has started dominating gradually. Online shopping is little by little vanquishing all other kinds of shopping and it is all thanks to shoppers. Without these dedicated shoppers, shopping would have been a thing of the past. These shoppers are classified into three sub groups which makes identification easier. There are the cheap shoppers, the spendthrifts, and the indifferent shoppers who simply don’t carabout anything.

Foremost are the cheap shoppers. This types shoppers are also known as bargainers. They are easily recognized in any store because they are usually armed with a calculator and search ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore are the spendthrift shoppers. These are shoppers who love to spend money. A spendthrift is generally seen as careless and wasteful when it comes to spending money. They look for any temptation and treat that extracts money from their bank accounts. They also never think of tomorrow, how their bills will be paid or how much interest is accumulated from their unnecessary purchases. Spendthrift shoppers are easily recognized because they usually have a smile on their face throughout the whole shopping experience, even during the checking process. No matter how expensive their purchases are, they always seem to be in approval of it. These kind of shoppers could easily be cheated from the cashier and never notice. Shopping and spending lavishly are compulsions for the spendthrift.

Indifferent shoppers are the final types of shoppers. They are called indefinite because nothing matters nor interests them: neither good nor bad. These are the shoppers who simply are not concern about where they shop, the quality of what they buy, and the prices of what they are buy. Unlike the spendthrift shoppers, indifferent shoppers shop on a budget. They are recognized in stores through their list with all the items they need to get and nothing more. Their motto is simple and right to the point; “get in early and get out fast.” Indifferent shoppers are mostly mindful of their time. They approve of all prices even if some prices may seem a bit extreme.

Cheap shoppers, the spendthrifts, and the indifferent shoppers who simply don’t care about anything are the three main types of shoppers that can be found at any shopping center. Most of us will probably be able to relate to one of these types of shoppers. Shopping has become such a vital part of our lives in today's generation, thus, it is essential for us to identify our own shopping habits in order to avoid overspending on unnecessary things and also help us gain the most out of our shopping trips. Shoppers vary one from another, having different personalities and characteristics. Various types of shoppers can be found anywhere that merchandize is being sold. At least they help to keep things interesting!

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