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Kristen and Ashley had been friends since the day they first laid eyes on each other in kindergarten. Kristen was a shy brunette who always put others first. Ashley, on the other hand, was an outspoken blonde who was not afraid to share her thoughts with others. Even though they were completely different, “polar opposites”, as their moms called them, they shared a bond that was completely unbreakable. They always did everything together; from throwing parties together, to taking family vacations together, even renting a dorm together as they moved across the country from Los Angeles to New York. Their lives were perfect, and all their other friends envied them. Little did they know, everything would change for these two girls.

“Ooh Kris! You have to try those shoes on! They look amazing!” Ashley raved, holding a pair of the latest Louboutin. “They are cute,” Kristen replied wistfully, “ but they are almost eight hundred dollars! My parents would kill me if they knew I was in Barney right now looking at expensive shoes instead of meeting with my counselor!” “ Loosen up Kris! Who cares if you miss one meeting with your counselor, we are in New York right now!” Ashley said, continuing to look through the aisles. Two hours later, Ashley and Kristen walked out with many bags, Ashley strutting down the streets with her while Kristen looked down at her receipt. “What are my parents going to say when they see I have a two thousand dollar bill to pay off?!” she thought. Kristen always considered her actions and told herself to think rationally, but Ashley somehow managed to convince her otherwise. Suddenly, Kristen’s thoughts were interrupted when Ashley said, “ Brittany just called! She is in Chanel right now and said we should come see the new items they have! They are to die for!” “Ash, I just spent two thousand dollars on shoes! My parents are going to be so disappointed when they see how I have been wasting my college money!” Kristen replied, surprised Ashley wanted to spend time with Brittany and her clique. “ We will not buy anything, I promise!” Ashley smiled, as she quickly walked to the entrance of Chanel. Kristen just wanted to go back to their dorm, but she did not want to hurt Ashley’s feelings so she plastered on a smile and rushed to catch up with Ashley.
A few hours later, Kristen was ready to go home. Her feet were aching from walking around the numerous aisles and trying on all the outfits that Ashley and Brittany had picked out. Even though most of the outfits were very revealing and also very pricey, Kristen had obliged to Ashley’s pleas and had tried all of them on. She looked down into her bag at her newly purchased dress that had cost her five hundred dollars. “What am I going to do with this?” she wondered. In reality she was not impressed when she first saw the dress but Brittany had pushed her into the dressing room with it. “You are in New York now. You have to think and dress like a New...

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