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Shopping For Online Security Essay

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used to manage the algorithms that are longer than a sWilliam Cornish
IASC 1100
April 04, 2014
Shopping for Online Security
Since the early 2000’s, people have been shopping online. More and more it has grown where now people are constantly online doing their shopping. Anything and everything is available for purchase. From a piece of fruit from around the world; to a vehicle that is a few states away. Whatever your heart desires, if you have the money for it, you are most likely going to be able to buy it. What happens though when someone else grabs ahold of your information while you are shopping online? It is a lot less noticeable than if you were at the supermarket down the street. ...view middle of the document...

The internet makes it easier to share information with its consumers, and improve upon the relationships they have establish without having the consumer return to the same spot. Without a sales person right on the floor with a customer, the customer would not know what the specifics of an item was. What is the exact height of this bench? How loud can these speakers project sound? How can I wash this without destroying the keyboard on my computer? They could always google the answer but what fun would that be. In reality, consumers are lazy. They do not like to have to wait for an answer and they especially do not like having to search for the answer on their own. This is where the seller comes in to play. He or she can speak to the customer and establish a relationship with them all while trying to sell a specific product. If the consumer was treated with respect and care, most likely that consumer will return to the store. If the consumer felt like it was ignored and was treated as it should be, the consumer will shop somewhere else. What happens with the online store? Most online stores have a customer service phone number where you can call and get specific answers about a certain product. The consumer calls in for some answers and leaves with a sense of feeling importance and the answers they were looking for. More than that, the business did not have to set up a building and have employees stand around to help the next person. The consumer came to them without much trouble and left with the answers they were looking for.
E-commerce is easy since the internet is interoperable, “the ability of a system to work with or use the parts or equipment of another system” (interoperability). A consumer can go to any website with any piece of equipment they want that is connected to the internet. This is due to the universal naming, addressing, and routing, and also for the standard protocols. These standards make communicating with each other possible. If everyone were to have their own set of rules, there would be chaos and no one would be able to talk to anyone else. The name is the World Wide Web. It is global. A person from all the way around the world can look at a website and purchase a product all in one day. This is very convenient for the businesses and the consumer. There is a richer base of products to view from and there is more money to be made. Everyone is happy. Since it is the World Wide Web, anyone can see the information of others.
This is where internet security comes into play. What would happen if all the secrets from the military were put out into the open to be seen by the world? There would be chaos. The same thing would happen if all of a consumer’s information were available for anyone to take. The reason for e-commerce is to make everything easy. If there was no way of securing this information, nobody would shop online. To protect...

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