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Shopping Within The Convience Of Your Home

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Harvey 6Jaylond HarveyMeteorology MajorENG 104-14Mrs. Shelia SalinsCompare and Contrast EssayOctober 21, 2014Shopping Within the Convenience of Your HomeShopping is the act of buying products from stores. Shopping is a part of everyday life. Some customers use shopping for only necessary purposes while others love to shop. Shopping is a fun activity and reduce stress. Two forms of shopping are online and traditional shopping. Traditional shopping is a form of shopping that happens in mall or stores. Online shopping, on the other hand, is a form of shopping that happens through internet access. The purpose of my essay is to prove online shopping is more convenient than traditional shopping. Although there are differences between traditional and online shopping, both have similarities. They both contain sales to help reduce cost of items. Another characteristic is the varieties of stores that people can purchase goods. Also, customers can have an interactive experience with both traditional and online shopping. Both traditional and online shopping has a fun experience, but an appropriate choice depends on several factors like convenience, stress level, waiting period, variety of clothing, and risk.Unlike traditional shopping, online shopping is more convenient for the average person. Online shopping requires the internet and a credit or debit card to make purchase. Shopping online is available anytime with the help of a computer and doesn't have a set location. However, traditional shopping has store hours which isn't always best for the customer (Montaldo 2007). Having store hours is a disadvantage because some stores open late and close early therefore people that work late will not be able to get to the store or mall in a timely manner. Traditional shopping, on the other hand, customers have to abide by the store hours, so if you need it the next morning you would have to wait (Celine 2013). Also, some people may not be close, distance wise, to a mall and has to drive for more than 30 minutes just to go shopping. Additionally, when ordering items online, there are more sales and clearance items. Sales are so important because most people don't want to pay a large amount for one item. According to Montaldo (2007) majority of the sales online is beneficial since most stores in the mall rarely have sales unless it's a seasonal promotion sale. For example, Forever 21 may have a 70% sale on boots while in the store they may not have a sale at all. During seasonal times, like Christmas, stores are known to have long lines, deal with huge crowds of people at one time and have limited parking spaces. So, the convenience of a traditional shopping is not as convenient like online shopping.In addition, the average customer doesn't want to stand out in lines and wait to purchase items. The only thing the customer need to do is just browse the internet. When shopping the traditional way customers have to waste gas, get stuck in traffic, and manage their time...

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