Short Analytical Report Based On Finding A Technical Document

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Introduction1.1 BackgroundThe successful organization is the one that communicates well both internally and with other companies and clients. In fact, information flow is crucial to any organization and the better the flow the more successful it is.At work a great of information is convoyed in technical documents, some of the tasks tackled by their writer are; proposals, reports, instruction. Technical writing communicates highly specific information. Most of it is prepared by professionals, such as engineers, scientists and other technicians. Even though it presents technical, a technical document should be easy to understand.1.2 AimThe purpose of this report is to explain, discusses and analysis in variable majority aspect of technical document to help the readers in better understand of technical document writing. By using the Pioneer's car stereo head unit operation manual as a practical example of technical document which will support with theory basis and journal articles.ScopeThe scope of this report includes:( Analysis and assess its attention to audience.( Analysis and evaluate of the organization strategies.( Analysis and evaluate of graphic( Analysis and evaluate of word choice.( Analysis and evaluate of sentence style.( Emphasize the importance correct, objective languageAudience focus.According to Dwyer, (2003) technical writers must identify the intended audience first and then organize and shape the content of the document so that their audience grasps the main points easily.As this report used the Pioneer's car stereo head unit operation manual as a practical example. It can be conclude that the main audiences of this document are people with non-technical background. This because the operation manual were give to the general end user of the product, therefore it is more reasonable for the writers to assume that the readers do not have technical background or knowledge. Moreover, it can be seen that the document avoids using technical word and always have explanation in some circumstances that can not be avoided, these also support by Kennedy (2004 pg. 22), his article state that "Technical terms and words function as helpful shorthand when addressing documentation to readers within a profession, but they may confuse readers who do not have that special background." In addition, the first section named 'Before you start' gives the reader explanations of some specific term used in the document as well as the second section 'What's What' which also help the general reader familial with the hardware component of the head unit, as these are very good idea of the writers.Hence, from the discussions above it can be seen that the writers of this document are not only focus on non-technical audience. They also gave knowledge to help in prepare the reader for better understand the product.OrganizationAs state in Karin article, for technical writer spend much time providing instructions by a series of ordered steps and...

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