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Short Biography, Swayed To Current Times.

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David HopperENGL 11011/26/2003Final Draft Essay 1Special events in ones life actually happen quite often, however sometimes they are hard to recognize, let alone to actually think about them. I may have been a highly above average student in high school, not only for mine, but also the whole nation. Yet, I am only a barely above average, if not just high average in college academia. I knew this going into college, yet that knowledge still vexes me every time I think about it. I am that much of a class 'A' personality to realize that I hate being an average person. I would have to say that the current most memorable or special time in my life is now, my life in college, but more particularly my first semester in college.It was not really just one event either, the entire semester as a whole. I was away from home for the first truly extended period of time. It was during this time that I traveled to San Antonio Texas, which is as far west in the USA as I have been. I am in one of the 6 senior ARMY military colleges in the nation. I was also a Rifle Freshmen, and that afforded me many opportunities to experience college life, both the good and bad aspects of it. Whether it be me involved in a bad car wreck where my buddies car was totaled, or when I or my buddies had to borrow a pregnant goat for a few hours to get something done, or even the nasty time we had to clean up pumpkin innards, it was a memorable first semester. I would like to think that I gained 14 brothers over the semester, but I am going to have to say I...

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