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Short Essay: Darwinism In Psychology

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Once the reluctant revolutionary, Charles Darwin, published his scientific findings in his book, On the Origin of Species, he forever changed and for centuries later shaped the world we live in. One of Darwin’s theories, supported by a large amount of evidence, which he published in this book, was that humans, along with all other living species, over time, are subject to evolve and change. This theory would later give birth to an entire new field, evolutionary psychology. Today, evolutionary psychology is an emerging, and still growing, field. Darwin’s evolutionary theory provided the framework to develop a new perspective, and thus field, in psychology. By applying Darwin’s approach and ...view middle of the document...

Not only has Charles Darwin influenced and his ideas helped create a new field in psychology, but also Darwin’s perspective has even shaped my own view on evolutionary psychology. When I first learnt about evolutionary psychology I understood it as a mainly scientific field since the majority of evolutionary psychologist attained their evidence from scientific experiments. However, as I look back on evolutionary psychology with a Darwinistic viewpoint, I realized that anyone can study human evolution in a psychological sense. What I mean by this is the answer to how have humans changed over time is not only found in medical studies conducted by evolutionary psychologists, but also in written history. History shows great human evolutionary changes in gender. This category in history shows how natural selection shapes human psychological makeup.
Females did not always have power to ask a male out, fight in war, or have the same jobs as males. Before the twentieth century women’s roles in society were much more limited and thus some physical and behavioral traits could not be developed in females. In the past, women bore and raised children. If women worked, they would be teachers, nurses, or caregivers. These positions did not require as much physical strength as say hunting or fighting in war would. Also, these situations were not dangerous. In addition, women did housework, learned how to play musical instruments, to...

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