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Short Essay Everest Simulation Engineering Essay

2316 words - 10 pages

University of Queensland
Business School
MGTS1301 Introduction to Management
Written Analysis of Everest Simulation

Section 1: Introduction
Everest simulation is one of the assessments that helps students to enhance the understanding of management techniques and applying the skills in decision making. This written analysis helps students to critically analyse and create a relation between the simulation and the management theory such as corporate culture and organisational control. There were five roles assigned to each team members and each character has personal goals to achieve. The roles were a leader, physician, photographer, marathoner and environmentalist. As a physician for my team, I need to reach the summit, avoid rescue, prevent frostbite, ensure everyone spends an extra day at any camp and gains bonus points. Four out of the five goals have obtained, contributing to the percentage of personal goals achieved and team goals achieved were 70 and 65 percent respectively.

Section 2: Corporate culture
2.1 Description of Issues
Lack of communication is one of the factors that contributed to the average marks scored by the individual and team. The team consisted of three Asian and two Australians. It is found that due to the different mother languages and cultural behaviours, the communication and involvement of the team members in decision-making process became limited. This limitation affects the smoothness of the information flow in the team regarding the health of the team members and personal’s objectives. Next, it is also observed that the consistency of team member in contributing an idea in decision-making process influenced the ability of the team to achieve the targets. It could be examined that the consistency level in my team was always on top even though we faced many problems during the simulation. By having both weakness and strength, it could be said that the team members showed the medium strength of corporate culture, contributed to the average score obtained.
2.2 Management Research Evidence
The effectiveness of an organisation is measured by measuring the organisational culture of an organisation. Lee and Yu (2004) ranged the corporate culture from the beliefs and assumption to the visible practices in an organisation. It is understood that the organisational culture differs in several countries and different organisation (Lee & Yu 2004). The differences in the impact of the cultural in the different group need to be understood by the global leaders. It is postulated that the team could be said as ‘strong corporate culture organisation’ when the value is shared among the association members. The prediction on the successful of the group is measured by analysing the strength of the corporate value a team imposed. The differences in cultural elements incorporating an organisation will not affect the team performance, yet it helps in differentiating between the organisations (Lee & Yu 2004). The performance...

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