Short Overview Of The Ancient Chinese Currency 10 Grade Research Paper

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Yannick R. Rossel
History Room
19 January 2018
Comment by Victoria Reyes: Title case in English is all words are capitalized except "of the"
Short Overview of the Ancient Chinese Currency
Personally, I am very interested in history, so I know that Chinese history hides a lot of answers and mysteries that are waiting to be revealed. Also, we are using things that have been invented by the Chinese in our daily life, for example, paper, or gun powder which is used for every bullet that was fired on the earth. And I thought there must be something else that we also picked up from the Chinese. I looked at the Research Project Topic Selection Worksheet and decided to work on the “Currency” topic. Comment by Victoria Reyes: I love the dramatic affect of this sentence! And it is so true!
I have chosen it because we recently moved from Switzerland to Austin and before that,
we moved from Germany to Switzerland. Because of these moves, we had changed the currencies in each country, and even now we are carrying three currencies with us. That is so because we will visit our former homes in each country. Every time we have to overthink how much what costs because of the constantly up and downs of the currency rate. It had a minor role for me how to spend my money and where especially in Switzerland. Comment by Victoria Reyes: That is Comment by Victoria Reyes: Translate
Because of all currencies, I know a little of the history of money from some countries,
and I was really interested in what would I find through my research and if it´s something that we generally use in our day-to-day. So I concentrated me on the timeline from the ancient Chinese metal money and what other various types of money existed which I am going to mention in the last paragraph, also I did a lot of research on paper money and if there is anything that we are still using today.
I am presenting in the body paragraphs chronologically the sequences of the first used
ancient Chinese currency but later focus myself more on rather not known various types of money in ancient China. I found some information about something that we still use today, and actually what was at first “Leather Money” which I wrote a whole paragraph. And now in the following paragraph, we are going to talk a little bit about ancient Chinese currency history.
Development of Chinese currency: The first currency what was used, before the Neolithic Revolution, was just what the “hunters and gatherers” found. While the Neolithic Revolution they started to domesticate animals such as Pigs and Chickens and also used vegetables for barter, like; rice and soybeans. People also started to use the cowry shell, which is a group of small to large “sea snails” and could be found in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Cowries are believed to have been the earliest form of currencies that had been used in central China (The History of Money, Nova). Historical many societies used cowries as money, and even as...

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