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Short Paper Analysis

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I. Introduction
Racial discrimination has always been a common social issue for the past couple of centuries. Even as times change and racial inequality decreases, discrimination is still an evolving and ongoing pattern inscribed in people, whether one is consciously aware of it or not. This paper will tackle the racial discrimination that is inevitably passed on to our youth and children. Using the search keywords “children racism,” this paper will argue that, although most people try to avoid inscribing racial tagging in our youth today, children will still be exposed and, consequently, develop racial profiling and judgments, whether it was taught or self-realized.
II. Description of the pictures
In general, majority of the resulting photos demonstrate at least one black and one white person. Similarly, some of the photos depict a small black and a small white child interacting with one another: hugging, playing, or even observing each other. Furthermore, most of the photos depict smiling integrated children. One of the photos even depicts a man and a woman together with four children of different ethnicities. On the other hand, there are a couple photos that are a little different from the trend mentioned above: one picture displays a sign saying “Racism Ruins Lives”; the next picture portrays a young boy presented with two dolls, one black and one white, with a bottom caption saying “which doll is pretty”; and a black and white photo depicting three white young-adult boys holding signs with captions “We the pupils of Clinton hi [sic] don’t want negroes in our school,” “we won’t go to school with negroes,” and “strike against integration of Clinton Hi [sic].” Lastly, three out of the four photos depicting a black and a white child, interacting with one another, have males as the black child and females as the white child.
III. Analysis of the pictures
Children of today are fairly exposed to different cultures and diversities. Parents might think that because of our modern practices with racial equality, children will not and should not be exposed to racial differentiation. But contrary to this perspective is that although society might think that it is building a “color-blind” generation, physical looks, such as skin color, eye color, hair color, and facial structure, are things that cannot be ignored and are plainly noticeable (Bronson, P., & Merryman, A. (2009) “See Baby Discriminate”). In general knowledge, most people know that children are naturally curious beings. They explore and question mostly anything and everything they see, even if no one provokes them about it. So, if a child can be curious of why the sky is blue, or why birds fly, or why boys differ from girls, why shouldn’t they question the difference in people’s looks and skin color? In one of the result photos, it depicts two infants, one black and one white, that are curiously staring and observing one another. According to Professor Phyllis Katz of the University of...

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