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Max Rosen
Professor Cameron
ENGL 346
28 September 2017
The Effect of Age and Gender Reading Methods
        Reading has been a fundamental practice in human society for years. Technological advancement has affected reading practices through increasing the number of available books and now introducing competing forms of entertainment. To further explore this field, a survey was conducted to evaluate the role of age and gender on reading practices in 2017. Because survey size was small (31 people), the age ranges were limited two target groups: college educated 45 to 55 year olds and current college students (ages 18 to 23). The two groups had 14 and 17 participants respectively. To prevent age biases from interfering with gender results and vice versa, an equal proportion of males and females were selected in each of the two groups; 7 of 14 members of 45 to 55 age were female compared to 8 of 17 in the 18 to 23 age group. All participants were subjected to the same survey of eleven questions assessing their reading habits. While most questions revealed insignificant results, three questions covering the prominence of eBooks, the handling of books, and the devotion to complete books opened up interesting potential avenues for future exploration.
        Although the survey group still overwhelmingly preferred reading traditional books, distinct differences between the two age demographics were observed. To evaluate the impact of eBooks on participants’ reading habits, participants were asked the percentage of books they read via eBook. As expected, the younger group were quicker to adapt to eBook, but the preference for traditional books was shocking as 15 of 17 participants responded that eBooks made up only 5 to 25% of their total book consumption. Most of the older age group showed a distaste for eBooks as 10 of 14 participants reported eBooks consisted of 0 to 5% of their total reading. Contrary to my original belief, the remaining members of the older age group showed a strong liking for eBooks as all four read at least 25% of their books online, and three of those four read at least 50% of their books via eBooks. Although this group of four may be a product of the small sample size, it would be interesting to see if the trend observed holds up over a larger sample size. In summary, on average, younger participants more frequently consumed eBooks, and although older participants seem more reluctant to try this technology those who had accepted the new technology demonstrated a strong preference for it.
        Since there is still a...

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