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Short Story: The Puppy And The Calf

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The Puppy and the Calf
Kivah sunk back into her big-kids seat, petting her baby poodle Buttercup for comfort. She closed her eyes tightly, as if though she was invisible to her father who was driving. Opening her eyes she looked up into the rare-view mirror, where her eyes and her dad’s eyes met.
“What’s the matter honey?” Her father asked.
With teary eyes she replied, “I don’t want to stay with grandma and grandpa on the ranch. I want to be home with you and mommy, PLEASE!”
“Oh baby! I promise you, you will have fun on the ranch. There are a lot of animals there, and grandpa got you a real pony for Christmas. They want to teach you how to ride her.” Daddy explained with a cheerful grin.
“Okay daddy I will try, but I won’t like it.” She said sitting upright.
They drove in silence, until finally her dad said, “we are here!” honking the horn with excitement.
Kivah raised her head high and peered out of the window, Buttercup at her side. They had never seen the country before, much less been on an actual ranch. White fence surrounded the grassy fields for miles filled with cows and horses, sheep’s and goats eating to their hearts content. As her father drove and honked, they came up in front of a large white house with a funny looking wooden structure behind it. Two people appeared running out from near the house laughing and clapping happily.
Dad turned off the engine and opened his door, he ran to meet them with arms wide opened. They embraced each other for what Kivah thought was forever. Walking towards the car and opening the door, the gray haired lady unbuckled Kivah’s seat belt saying. “Kivah, good to see you dear, I am your grandma Lola and here is grand-dad Ted. Come let’s go inside, I made you hot chocolate milk and gingerbread cookies.” While Ted and Dan take the stuff out of the car and proceeded to take them inside, Lola and Kivah followed closely behind.
Buttercup felt sad, Kivah had never neglected her before. She jumped out of the open door and ran towards the back of the yard. Barking as loud as possible, Buttercup ran towards the barn where she saw pigs in their pen bathing in mud, calves gathering by a pond drinking water, ducks waddling across the pond, chickens scratching the earth for food and horses galloping about excitedly.
Noticing their freedom and lack of restriction besides the barrier separating them from the main road, Buttercup imagined herself running free with no leash, wind blowing against her white fur, playfully chasing the chickens and doing anything her little heart desired. Her thoughts were immediately interrupted with memories of playing fetch with Kivah. Sadness filled her heart but was soon misplaced when she saw the calves walking toward her. Excitedly, with the intention of making new friends, Buttercup wiggled her way through the fence enclosing the barn and ran towards the calves to introduce herself. “Ruff, I am Buttercup the puffy poodle,...

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