My Start As A Publisher: A Short Story

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"You can do this." I whisper to myself as I leave my car. A job at a publishing office cannot be too hard. All I have to is read manuscripts and decide whether to have them published or not. The only requirement was that you had to have had majored in English or an English derivative in university, which is luckily what I had done. It is not the best job, but it is better than not having a job. My career as a writer is at a standstill, so at least I am making money while trying to find inspiration for a book. It could be worse. I could be looking at people creepily from my bedroom window or just wait for a sudden dream. As I approach the office, I try to clear my mind. After all, I do need to focus in order to listen to my guide. I still cannot believe they actually got an employee to take off a full day of work to show me around the building and get me comfortable. Maybe this place will not be so bad. With all this kindness I am already receiving, things are looking up.

I walk into the building and I am blown away. It resembles a beautiful mansion. There are bookshelves on almost every wall. "No loitering, what do you want?" the clerk asks me. "Uh, I am the new employee." I reply. "Name?" She must think I am an idiot. "Nicole Richards." I say, this time with more assurance. "Oh, nice to meet you Ms. Richards. I am Nancy Clark, you will have to let me see that you are here everyday before heading to your office." I stare at her blankly. All I want to know is where my guide is. Obviously annoyed, she continues. " Your guide, Mr. Smith, will be here shortly. Take a seat, it could be a while." Great, this Mr. Smith guy is going to make me wait alone with the troll woman. She actually resembles a troll though, with her black messy hair, tinted green skin and large structure. I find the bathroom and make some last minute adjustments. I quickly fix bright red strands of hair trying to escape the clutches of my sturdy hair spray, check my makeup and proceed to wait in the lobby. After ten minutes, I hear the slamming of a...

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