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It Was Just Meant To Be Another Day at SchoolIt all began when Lucy was running late for school. School holidays were now over and it was her first day back. She arrived at school and realised she was now sitting in the corridor waiting to see the Principal, of all days today had to be Lucy's worst.There she sat, waiting. Shivers running up and down her spine, she'd never been to the principal's office before. She saw Mrs Hog march down the corridor, starring at her as if she'd committed a major crime. She gulped as the Hog peered over her. "Lucy," she bellowed. "Do you realise what time it is?""Yes, Mrs Hog," she said with a trembling voice. "I'm so very sorry, but I..." Mrs Hog rudely interrupted her. "That's no excuse Lucy, now get to class. I don't want to see you late for school again." she yelled. Lucy quickly grabbed her back pack and was out of there in a flash. "What a relief," she said to herself as she left the room. She was so glad to be out of there.Lucy arrived at her first class for the day, which was HRE. One morning a week they had this lesson, where they had discussions about puberty which she found boring. Today their class were given a pair of scissors to use for an activity. The activity was not very interesting. The girl sitting in front of Lucy had long curly hair and it seemed to Lucy that it would be a good idea to cut it for her. It was going very well. The scissors sliced progressively through her hair with satisfying snipping sounds and a small heap of curls began to accumulate on Lucy's desk. She brushed them onto the floor and playfully spread them out with her feet.It wasn't long before Jimmy, a student two desks away from her picked up a lock of hair from the floor and announced with a malicious gleam in his eye, "Look what I've found Miss." Soon another voice was heard, "I've found some over here Miss." "Me too Miss, there's some here." Lucy knew straight away that she was going to get caught. The teacher sent her straight down to the principal's office, where she waited once again.Mrs Hog once again came marching down the corridor, her face quivering with anger. Lucy took a deep breath as the Hog approached her. She pulled Lucy by her right ear and dragged her the office. Lucy sat there in silence. The old Hag let out an ear piercing yell, "Lucy, I thought you would have learnt your lesson by now." Lucy thought her ear drums were going to burst, she reeled backwards with fright. "I'm sorry Mrs Hog," she said in a subdued voice."How could you do such a thing, I'm not impressed at all. As of tomorrow you will spend every lunch time in my office with me for one week! She shouted."But...""No Lucy. Now, off to class!"Boy was Lucy glad to be out of Mrs Hog's Office! She gathered her books and was determined to find her man, John. All she needed was a bit of reassurance that her day couldn't get any worse, or just some good bitchin' with Samantha. As she came around the corner she knew the back of that head. It was...

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Short Story Essay

1354 words - 5 pages Short Story " 'With this knot I seal this hex you will not sleep, you will not rest Knots of anger, knots of hate Discord brings you to your fate I tie this second knot makes two Bringing darkness over you Slander, discord, evil too Bringing darkness straight to you With this third knot, I do

Short story Essay

995 words - 4 pages hidden kingdoms, almost a century ago now.” The company was truly in shock to see the Elf for their existence had passed from story to legend many years ago, some had even said that the Elves had journeyed on to new lands far from here. Indeed the company had stumbled on a rare sight, an Elf wondering in the land of men, and it would have been a great discovery had he not brought a great peril with him.“What shall we do with him?”

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684 words - 3 pages TerrifiedThis short story is called Terrified, it is written by C.B. Gilford. This title name gives readers a large attention, and this title name is very suitable for this short story, because if you were one of the characters in the story you would be a lot more than terrified. This story has four characters, Paul Santin, Vince, Arlene, which are both teenagers, about 16-18 years old, and the policeman. The main character is Paul Santin, he is

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606 words - 2 pages The assumption is often made that short stories are weak and lack expression, simply because of their physical size limitations. However, if one were to sit down and read just a few of New Zealand's finest short stories, attitudes would almost certainly change for the better. Maurice Gee for instance, A fine novelist and artistic hero for some, holds many admirable short stories to his name. Gee's famous story 'A Glorious Morning, Comrade

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678 words - 3 pages "Test" Essay"Test" written by Theodore Thomas, is a short story about humanities need for power. The power being that to control others ideas, opinions and self identity, through trepidation of divergence and government control.The short story "Test" is derived from the fear of diversification and self identity. From the moment Robert Proctor wakes up from his hypnosis, the reader sees that the foundation of the world he is living in is based on

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621 words - 2 pages choice of words. Bambara's technique for giving informatiove and interesting information falls short in her four-page story.Hemingway's choppy Hills LIke White Elephants leaves much to be desired. It takes the reader teh entire length of the story to half-way figure out what the subject is. Hemingway's evasiveness regarding the subject confuses the reader and adds instability to the writing. Although he sets the scene quite descriptively and allows

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846 words - 4 pages who overcomes his fear, at the expense of his life. The second short story “The Landlady” is about a young man who falls into the clutches of an evil woman, who is later on in the story responsible for his death. In one of the stories the author uses fear to teach us that if you don’t face your fears, they can consume you. Whilst in the other story, the author used fear to ignite warning signals in the readers mind. One way the story “The

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2090 words - 8 pages SHORT STORY PAPER "Compare/contrast Faulkner's 'Dry September' with 'A rose for Emily' in terms of writing style and character presentation." What is going to be analyzed in this paper are the two short stories by W. Faulkner 'A Rose for Emily' and 'Dry September'. Basically, what is to be performed is a comparison/contrast analysis in terms of the writing style and character presentation. More specifically, I will provide first the information

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954 words - 4 pages The short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman focuses on a young woman’s psychological downfall and her fascination with the wallpaper within the house she and her husband are living in. The woman begins to believe that the wallpaper is coming alive, which leads her to become confused with reality and fantasy. Gilman selects the crazed woman as the narrator of the story. Furthermore, Gilman uses first person point

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782 words - 4 pages Unlike many of the short stories we read, “A&P” by John Uplike displays the familiar effects of anti-Feminism and unnecessary conformity in both female and male characters. The story is placed in the 1960’s in a grocery store on a sunny afternoon. Three young, beautiful ladies walk in wearing their bathing suits and begin stir up controversy in the quite store. Even though none of the three girls have done anything wrong still everyone working

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2227 words - 9 pages The degeneration of moral values in the Nigerian society in the last decades led to a multitude of scourges; one of which is drug smuggling. Drug mules’ numbers increased to reach an alarming level. In her short story “Last Trip” the Nigerian writer Sefi Atta tries to shed light and give some explanation to this phenomenon through the journey of a drug smuggler who is a single mother with her mentally disabled son from Lagos to London in what

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1168 words - 5 pages Short Story Once in a small cottage deep in a thickly overgrown forest there was a young boy who lived with his mother, his father and his elder sisters, two of the most beautiful girls in the whole of Ireland. This forest was different to the many others that form a blanket over this enchanted land. The young boy often quarrelled with

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1987 words - 8 pages Short Story Meet John, he is a 13-year-old student at St. Mark's School in North London. He is an only child who lives with his mother and father in a small house near to the school. Carl is a clever student and is seen with a great deal of potential. He is also a popular boy and liked by teachers and many other students. Carl is

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1549 words - 6 pages Short Story A tall, thin looking girl emerged at the top of the stairway. She had a face as pale as milk with a scruffy mop of long curly ginger hair flowing down around it. She had a look of deep sadness on her face but still seemed to have a warm essence about her. Samantha ambled slowly down the dusty stairway humming to herself along the way. She was one of those people who was always stringing words together