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Short Story About A Foster Care Child

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The fall of ’99 was the year of all years; Janine was in her last year of law school at Yale, and her adoptive mother, Nancy, had just phoned telling her of their family visit in the fall. Just then out of the blue she hears a knock at the door.
Janine says, “Just a minute! Mom, I gotta go. Love Ya.”
“Love you too sweetie” says her mother.
Before she opened the door, she asked, “Who is it?” But no one answered. A few seconds later there was another knock. Janine flung open the door, “What the...”
Just as quickly as Janine opened the door a woman quickly says, “Hi.”
Paleness rushes over Janine’s body as she stands there; her face looking as if she seen a ghost. With no hesitation, she slowly shuts the door. The women knocks again, but this time Janine doesn’t answer. “What are you doing here? Go away!” Janine says.
“Janine, Baby. It’s me. Its momma” the women said softly.
Just then Janine’s heart drops. She yells at the top of her lungs, “HA! You’re not my mother! Go away, or I’m calling the police!”
“Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I’ll go, just don’t call the cops.”
As she sits in the darkness her eyes begin to scan the room from right to left. Unknowingly she sits down and begins to contemplate on what just happened. She says to herself quietly, “Did that just happen?”
Later that night still feeling uneasy, Janine, tries to think of how to tell her mother, Nancy of what just happened. All of a sudden she becomes distracted by water dripping in the next room.
“Whoop, whoop, whoop”
Just as fast as it happened memories of her childhood begin to crowd her thoughts. This did not play well with her because she was not a big fan of her own memories, because most of her memories was depressing. So she never liked talking about any of them, but when she did she would always talk about memory so clear.
It was the year Janine was put into foster care, lost her want to have kids, lost her belief that her mom ever loved her.
Janine, being so young wanted to believe so much that her mother would love her again. It was not until years later that she realized that her mother was not coming to get her. She eventually gave up wishing that her mother would come, and her love for her mother...

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