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Short Story About A Hurt Girl

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With the left eye now open and almost seeing clearly, Lily began working on the right. Gently putting her finger on it she cringed in pain and could tell it was raw and swollen. "The blunt force of his fist to my eye socket must have burst open every capillary I have because it is causing some severe hemorrhaging," she whispered softly, then laughed out loud. “I can't believe I not only know those words, but I fricking know what they mean,” she said with a hint of proud. “God bless Google.”Calming down from feeling so delighted in finding something so funny in something so repeatedly horrible, she looked around the room with her one good eye. She knew she was in her room and lying in her ...view middle of the document...

Forgetting about the trauma in her right eye and rubbing it as if it was normal gave prudence to curse herself, “Idiot.” She stiffened up and began waving her hands in front of her face like a fan since everyone knows that's how you get rid of pain quickly and effectively. Taking a deep breath, she pushed herself up. Quickly surrendering to the pain she sat back down. Cowering she knew she obviously jumped ahead of herself and decided to just sit and let the pain settle, then she would concentrate on something a little easier. Deciding to go back to the basics, Lily began slowly blinking her one good eye and work on getting the damn muddiness to dissipate. She was starting to come to the conclusion that her right eye was going to be swollen shut for a while, and she would not be seeing out of it any time soon. At least that was her medical opinion since it didn't open, and when she touched it, it felt swollen and yucky; thus a thorough and sound diagnoses was complete. Then, like the sun rises to begin the dawn, her vision began to come back (in her left eye of course) and the room began to focus around her. It seemed to give her a new sense of confidence. “Come on Lily,” she coaxed as she pushed herself from the bed. This time she yelped in pain and bent over slightly as agony raked across her back. She didn't have to see it or touch it to diagnose her entire back was bruised from half way up her butt cheeks to the beginning of her neck. Her newly found confidence deflated quickly since she knew everything from here on forward was going to be extremely painful.“Why do I push him?” She asked herself and almost wished she could spare her good eye because she wanted to punch it. Already promising herself three times before now that this would be the last time, Lily was here once again beaten and bruised, pathetically blaming herself for pushing. Suddenly she wondered where "He" was. “I guess I should have just left him alone,” she said a little louder, but this time she meant to say it. Wanting to be heard...

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Short Story About A Hurt Girl

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