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Short Story About Waking Up In A Tree

1430 words - 6 pages

I felt a throbbing pain in my head and this funny sensation all over my body. My brain felt like it was boiling, then freezing the next second. I tried to move my body slowly but there were like sharp needles poking my body.
What is this bulky thing that I am resting on?
I tried to straighten my body but felt like I was going to fall down. Feeling a little unbalanced, I reflexively gripped the bulky thing and quickly tried to open my eyes.
Everything looked a little blurry at first, but it was so green all around me – leafy green, with glaring yellow light shooting through it. No, not that it was just leafy green, there were definitely leaves surrounding me, some even brushing my body. I ...view middle of the document...

I think I know this place.
I could see a glimpse of a blue road sign attached on one of the lamp posts on the divider far across me, so I bend towards the direction to try to read it, in an attempt to make out where I was.
My apprehension was right – I was stranded on Lebuh Sentosa, the one that I used nearly on a daily basis. I heaved a sigh of relief, though I was not sure if that was the right feeling to have at the moment, to find out that I was at least still in Putrajaya.
I tried to think of what could have brought me there, causing me to be stranded alone by the freeway on the first place, but to no avail. Between struggles and dizziness, I remembered having bee hoon goreng for breakfast at home this morning. There was also a long, pleasant conversation that I had with Nancy as well, and that was all - the last things I remembered before I opened my eyes just now.
How did I end up on a tree then? Such a bizarre situation!
In total confusion, I slowly made my way down the tree. Finally able to stand on my feet on the ground properly, I looked all over my body to check on my physical condition.
I was wearing a blue long-sleeved collared shirt and a sharply-ironed black trousers with a pair of shiny Crocodile shoes; all still neat and clean. There were no scratches or wounds, so that crossed out being involved in a fight and being left here from my guesses. It would be a wonder if I did since I do not have any enemies, at least not that I know of. Then again, strangers can easily become your enemies in this country. There was no sight of my wife or any other familiar faces around nor my Perodua car, so I was clueless on with whom or what I did get here. It was utterly impossible that I would voluntarily want to be here at all; there was no reason or motivation for me to and I still could not believe that I was actually capable of this tree-climbing stunt. A guess after another, I finally gave up trying to understand my bizarre situation as all it brought was more discomfort to the body and tiredness.
I just wanna take a rest with Nancy right now and end this confusing day as soon as possible.
Home. I just need to be home now. The fatigue that I felt was extremely dramatic and I really could do with a good rest home. I leaned on my back to the bark of the tree and tried to think of ways to get back home from here, without a car. I held up my wrist to look at my watch before realizing that there was nothing there. I must have forgotten to wear it on my way out, so I looked up to the sky again, attentively this time to distinguish the time of the day at that moment. From the looks of it, I can guess that it was maybe early evening...

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