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Mallory and I have been best friends since the 3rd grade. Now we are in 7th. We both are 5’4, both wear glasses, except she has blonde hair and I have brunette hair. We love doing the same things like swimming, hiking, and riding our bikes. We love the outdoors! Mallory and I decided that were we’re going to walk through what people call “The haunted woodland”, only when our parents drift off to sleep first because we would get in deep trouble if we got caught out of the house this late.
“Finally! They’re asleep,” I scream in excitement to Mallory. “Yes!” Mallory replies. “Let’s go!” We put our shoes on, then quietly tiptoed down the hall and grabbed the flashlights out of the kitchen drawer. We walked out the door and made our way to the dark, terrifying, ghostly looking woodland. “We made it!” I say as we look in to the woods. With her voice and legs shaking, Mallory says “Let’s walk side by side so we won’t be so scared.” So we begin to walk into the woods shinning our flashlights on every little think that we saw. There are bugs flying, gigantic spider dangling from trees, and coyotes howling as loud as they can. Without our flashlights you can’t see 2 feet in front of you. We are so afraid that we are going to get lost.
Mallory looks over at me with such a determined look on her face and says “I bet I can beat you to where ever it takes us.” I looked back at her laughing hysterically saying “You are crazy if you think I am going to run through this creepy woodland not knowing where it’s going to take me and not knowing what type of creepy crawlers are in here!” Laughing back at me she says “Please let’s see who makes it first. It can’t be that bad Alyssa.” I disagreed so we didn’t race to see where it might take us. Something even more scary happened… We just heard an ear piercing scream from a person. We slowly stop and look at each other. “You heard that right?!” I asked Malloy with a frightened voice. “Yes I did. I’m so scared she replied.” We stood there in shock for a few seconds and then we felt like it was okay to continue walking… so we did.
Mallory and I are so scared that we are shaking all over. We began talking about scary creatures that we both are terrified of for example, slender-man. He always gets you when you’re in the woods at night and there is not escaping him. But we didn’t think that we were going to...

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