Short Story Based On The Song "Crazy Game Of Poker" By Oar.

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As I came around the corner on the gravel path, I stopped to look around. There were trees on both sides of the path, and on the left there was also a bench. I was relieved to see that no one was sitting on the bench. As soon as I reached it, I sat down and let out a relieved sigh.I was sitting there for about five minutes when the people scattering in all directions disturbed my rest. I was alarmed by their obvious fear. I asked my self-why is everyone in such a hurry to leave the park when it is so nice out? As I looked to my right I saw the reason for everyone's fear standing on the path.At first I felt the same fear everyone else did when they first saw him, but my fear soon subsided and the evil looking figure seemed like a clown."Hey Johnny!" I called to him.He looked very uncomfortable when I shouted out his name. He likes to gain control by making everyone else fearful, which is the reason for him dressing in black with most of his chain, knife, and gun collection on display. The thing you have to understand about Johnny is that he only looks like he just came back from killing thirteen people. The truth is that Johnny never killed, or even hurt, anyone. That is why his appearance is so important to him, and that is also why he does not like anyone calling him Johnny; he thinks it negates the threat presented by his outfit."Hey," Johnny dully replied. "What are you doing here? I though you were hiding out from the boys from the game of poker.""Yeah, I was trying to avoid them, but then I realized that if I don't see them this week I won't be able to play poker next week," I told Johnny."Oh, yeah, that's what you should be thinking about now!" replied Johnny sarcastically.Maybe Johnny was right, maybe I should start to break away from my current lifestyle, maybe I should stop playing poker, maybe I should get a job, and maybe I should become legit. But to become legit I would have to ditch Johnny, and who can honestly say that they could just ditch Johnny?"Hey, listen!" I shouted in rebuttal. "Poker is part of who I am right now, and I like who I am right now,...

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