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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” This quote relates to the stories for a few reasons. The first reason is, if Ivan had not been so scared and was rational about his actions than maybe he wouldn’t of ended up dead. The second reason is if Billy Weaver had realized his mistake and fearlessly taken control of the situation, then his fate would have ended up differently. “The Path Through The Cemetery “ is about a timid man named Ivan who overcomes his fear, at the expense of his life. The second short story “The Landlady” is about a young man who falls into the clutches of an evil woman, who is later on in the story responsible for his death. In one of the stories the author uses fear to teach us that if you don’t face your fears, they can consume you. Whilst in the other story, the author used fear to ignite warning signals in the readers mind.

One way the story “The Path Through The Cemetery” by Leonard Q. Ross reveals that being fearful can consume you is shown in the character Ivan. For instance, in the story Ivan was terrified of crossing the cemetery even though it would save him time. This is shown when Lieutenant addresses Ivan and says, “You are a pigeon Ivan. You’ll walk all around the cemetery in this cold – but you dare not cross it.” Another example of Ivan showing fear is when he was crossing the cemetery and thought something had grabbed hold of him. “The wind was cruel and the saber was like ice in his hands. Ivan shivered under the long thick coat and broke into a limping run. He recognized the large tomb. He must have sobbed – that was the sound that was drowned in the wind… Ivan started to rise from his knees. But he could not move. Something held him. Something gripped him in an unyielding and implacable hold. Ivan tugged and lurched and pulled – gasping in his panic, shaking from a monstrous fear. But something held Ivan.” This shows how terrified and full of panic Ivan was when he walked through the cemetery. Therefore, Ivan did face his fear in crossing the dreaded cemetery, but in the end it had cost him his life.

The story “The Landlady” by Roald Dahl uses a technique called dramatic irony to inject fear into the writing so the reader would feel the fear that the main character does not. For example when Billy Weaver...

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