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Short Story First Day Essay

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Short Story- First Day

As I run, trying desperately not to be late, my heart was pumping.
It’s my first day at my new school and already I’m 5 minutes late,
wondering what will the teacher say and, more importantly, what my new
class will think of me. I run as hard as I can, not caring about my
bag rubbing on my shoulders. I run as hard and as fast as I can trying
not to be too late. As I approach the stairs, I run up, jump the three
steps, burst through the door into the empty corridors, still
wondering what everyone will say. I run in the direction of my new
classroom approaching the last corner. I swing round the corner and

As I sit up of the ground wondering whom I crashed into, trying to
pick up all my belongings, I look at the other person and what I see
is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I apologise as much as I
can before running of to my new classroom embarrassed. Now not caring
what my class will say, all I care about and can think of is that

‘Who is she?’

‘What’s her name?’

I just want to meet her again, say sorry for running into her, and
make sure she’s not angry and annoyed at me.

As I reach the door of my new classroom, I peer through the glass, see
the teacher writing something on the board, the children all in lines
at their desks. I take one last look, take a big, deep breath and
reach for the handle.

As the cold handle turns in my hot, sweaty palm, my hand trembling,
the sound of the click of the door magnified by my nervous mind. I
feel a rush of nerves coming over me. The questions still gong through
my head about that girl and my new class.

As I slowly open the creaking door, my head down. I feel 30 pairs of
eyes all turning to look at who is coming through the door. I slowly
look up at the class, seeing what seems like hundreds of eyes all
staring straight at me. I quickly scan the room for any possible new
friends. All of this just taking a few seconds but seeming like a
lifetime. I slowly and gingerly move my left foot forward to take my
first step into my new classroom.

I slowly begin to walk into the room, turning round to shut the door
that seems to have stopped creaking. As the door clicks shut, I take
another deep breath, still aware of the eyes burning holes in my back,
and turn round to face the eyes and the teacher. As I look up and I
make eye contact with the teacher, I open my mouth, preparing to say
something, when she beats me to it.

“Excuse me, can I help u?”, she says still making eye contact. I
realise that she must have forgotten about the new kid starting today.
I open my mouth and say, “Erm, yes, I’m new to the school today and
I’ve been told that I’m in this class”.

All of the time I’m saying this I can still feel the eyes of the class
piercing my back.

When the...

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