Short Story Silence Broken Essay

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He sits in the middle of a small room filled with silence, staring directly at a wall covered by pictures of his victims and their families, smiling and laughing, exhibiting a euphoric mood. Hours later a buzzer sounds, a guard enters the room and escorts him back down a long corridor to his cell. The door shuts, the cell darkens for a short instant until a light is turned on to allow the guards to watch his every movement through the glass walls that surround him.He continues his daily routine of saying his blessings "I still hold complete control and power over my mind, thoughts and emotions after five years and eight months of seclusion imprisonment, I Bruce William Johnston am a genius, had I not allowed myself to get caught would not be here, I am smarter than the top criminal investigators, my actions and thoughts are unpredictable, people may even be jealous of me and my life." It is important for him to recount these blessings each day to maintain self belief in his grandiose persona.Bruce Johnston proceeds to his bed where he lays down and rests trying hard to block out thoughts of how he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. He thinks about his past, what if he hadn't become a crazed killer, what would he be doing now, what would have the future held for him? Today for some reason a little girl in one of the photos brings back a past memory, usually this would make him smile and feel a sense of accomplishment. Instead, he feels strangely frighten as fear penetrates his conscience. He knows what happens to child killers in prison, how they are treated. A little girl screaming, monotonously, plays over in his mind, slowly eating away at his external barrier allowing emotions of panic to overwhelm him.His mind exhausted from fighting his demons finally allows him to drift off to sleep. He sees himself walking along the corridor to the outside compound; his isolation is alarming as he senses he is not alone. He feels fear like he has never felt before. Johnstone turns around to see who is following him when he is struck to the ground; he is not prepared to die but allows the blade to continually pierce through his neck, chest and back. Blood spills out onto the ground surrounding him, gasping for air through...

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