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When he first awoke from Deep Sleep it was to a startle. Not one of terror but of memory. He had not known he still remembered this time, when things were. The thoughts of Ella lying next to him. He had this vivid vision weave a tale of her rolling in slow motion from their bed to the floor. He remembered seeing her start to fall, she did this often amongst their nights and dreams. The precurssor to her sleep enduced leap to the cold tile floor was a motionless shifting he often refered to as the wiggle. She would start with her tushy, and then her thighs, followed by a slight shifting of her feet, overlapping them. That's when he knew Ella was about to roll sharply to her awaken. She always asked and he never told her, but that's how he knew how to catch her.
She would open her eyes just as she began to leave the bed, and his arm would embrace her waist, holding her from the nights surprise.
She would always roll back over and snuggle with him fresh afterward, comforted by the fact that he knew she was about to fall off the bed in her sleep. Her, the embreyo of his care, aware and patient to the needs of who he loved. There are moments that we all feel alive. These moments belonged to Ella and her other.
He likes these types of dreams. They help him remember what life was like when things made sense. Sense. Oh, where have you gone? To argue for a decimation of man for profitable war, unfearing the wrath of universal law, proves sense has abandoned mankind long before we bound the earth and it bound us. He did not make it this way, this man thought. It was not his choice. But I am bound to this rock near the sun as are you.
And a breath is all it would take to remove your binds. If mother earth sneezed you'd be gone.

His decontamination and examination went well. Healthy, weak as all ReGen's are, malnurished from the ameliorate process. Out of everyone who has returned to us, he was one of the best. Physically meak looking, but inwardly held the will and spirit to inspire organs to live forever. He was young, in his late 30's. Gritty and needed a shave. During the ReGeneration, facial hair continues to grow. Life doesn't stop just because nano-bacteria is discharging medical lasers at your brain tissue and repairing all that you were, you primate! He took the process well, despite the nausea, functioned better than most in the first 24 hours. He even kept down his first meal; a lot to consider since he had never had squirrel. A delicacy now. Either way he was fine and always considered himself a real trooper. He had a grandmother who was "healthy as a fiddle" so was said, died at age one hundred and thirteen. It must be Genetic, he thought.
It was the first time he had brushed his teeth since he had been back to life. The pain on his gums felt warm and he welcomed it. It affected his memories. They felt warm too. Like something familiar. Was he him? He stared into the mirror in front of him, gazing,...

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