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In Jhumpa Lahiria’s “A Temporary Matter” the married couples relationship went up in smoke because the relationship lacked communication skills resulting in Shoba giving birth with out Shukumar, who was at an academic conference in Baltimore. Despite Shoba telling Shukumar to go on his business trip, he should have stayed and helped Shoba incase she went into labor, which is more likely to happen closer to the due date. Shukumar should have stayed with his wife which is what most people in a relationship would feel like it’s the right thing they should do. Even though Shoba had insisted it was important to make contacts, and reminded him he would be entering the job market next year. He shouldn’t have taken the chance because deep down Shoba would like for him to cease a great opportunity in going to Baltimore but when she goes into labor great opportunities goes out the window and she would be looking for Shukumar to help her through he process that was taking place.
As you read in the story you can see that this is a relationship that is going through the struggle that a young relationship would go through. Shoba is 33 and took on more hours at work and also more projects which means she doest get home until late some days which doesn’t matter because there is nothing for her to do when she gets home except making corrections to text, with the color code she came up with, in her book. Shukumar is 35 years old and is in his sixth year of graduate school. He has been doing his dissertation since January and the story started on March 19th. After the baby died Shukumar wasn’t motivated enough to keep up with his school activities so his advisor gave him sometime off and told him he should finish up by the time September should be coming around.
Shukumar recognizes how he and Shoba “Had become experts at avoiding each other in their three-bedroom house” spending a lot of time on separate floors. In his head he thinks both of them can get through it together, but the couple both start showing signs of carelessness. Shukumar wouldn’t get out of bed until lunch time, Shoba left her sneakers and coat in the kitchen when she normally puts them up and she started fall behind on a her bills and little things that use to bother her didn’t anymore like the like the yellow chair in the living room that didn’t match the Turkish carpet.
From reading Jhumpa Lahiria’s “A Temporary Matter” I believe Shukumar could have prevented his relationship from crashing. His first flaw was the room they had “decorated together last summer with a border of marching ducks and rabbits playing trumpets and drums and, by the end of August there was a cherry crib under the window, a white changing table with mint-green knobs, and a rocking chair with checkered cushions and he disassembled it all before bringing Shoba back from the hospital”. (Jhumpa Lahiria), he scraped the rabbits and ducks off with his spatula. His second flaw was his misinterpretation, from when shoba was...

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