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United States healthcare industries had been constantly going through the issue Of shortage of Healthcare professional nurses, and many of these positions are occupied by professional nurses from different countries. Nursing shortage had been an enormous alarming since many years and expected to continue in coming years. After years of speculation, it has been officially confirmed that there is a nursing shortage in the United States (Health Resources and Services Administration, 2002). By numerous reports this shortage will reach crisis proportions by 2015 when there will be a 20% shortage of available nurses (Andrews & Dziegielewski, 2005). In the United States, ...view middle of the document...

Historical perspective
In a review of the literature about a shortage of nurses through history, the one point which all authors are in agreement is that the problem of a shortage of nurses in the U.S. is cyclical in nature (Egenes, 2012). Since the dawn of “the golden age” of Western medicine in the1800s, the demand for nursing services has become part of a wider demand for medical care (West et al. 2007). In 1873, the first schools of nursing in the United States were founded (Egenes, 2012). These "nurses' training schools" were housed in hospitals and were based on an apprenticeship model of on the job training (Egenes, 2012). Student nurses provided the patient care, while graduate nurses served as both nursing instructors and supervisors (Egenes, 2012).
Difficulties finding enough adequately trained nurses to serve during the Civil War were the impetus behind the creation of the first schools of nursing in the United States (Andrews & Dziegielewski, 2005). Meanwhile the military war moving forward gives rise to succeeding efforts to increase the supply of nurses....

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