The Consequences Of Lacking Sleep Essay

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There are several ideas that a person should apply in order to keep himself fit and healthy. Sleep well is one of them. Many people do not realize the importance of sleep, and sleep only a couple of hours which can lead to health problems and many more. Actually, today many people suffer from sleep loss, caused also by early working or studying hours, stress, bad organization with work that has to be done, etc. The problem has solutions, though: going to bed earlier, exercising in order to cope with stress, talking with a psychologist or buying a planner to improve the organization are some of the concepts possible.
There is a large amount of reasons why people get sleep deprived. The most common one is stress. It’s a wide spread issue both among adults and adolescents. Big life changes, relationship difficulties, financial problems, work and school are the basic causes and they can cause a person to feel moody, depressed and anxious which, of course, affects his sleep. There are some proven methods that help. Soft music, meditating, starting to think the people and the environment is peaceful are ones (Lovingood).
The other serious issue is the inability for some people to get their work done in time, which leads to sleepless nights, then tiredness during the day, which people try to block by drinking coffee, and that additionally disrupts the sleep. For instance, students, who are expected to have less responsibilities, are usually incapable of finishing their work due to numerous distractions such as TV, chat programs such as Facebook and Twitter, or the desire to go out with friends instead of sitting down to work. The night before the deadline of an assignment seems like the perfect time for them, the so called procrastination, which is also connected with the first sleep wrecker, stress. Adults, on the other hand, can have engagements with children or household duties, which obliges them to work late and leaves a possibility their work isn’t done in time.
The reasons for an insufficient amount of sleep have some really unpleasant consequences. Examples of such are health problems, insomnia, accidents because of deconcentration, skin damage, memory loss, and gaining weight (Peri). Also, sleep deprivation ruins a particular type of brain cells that play a crucial role in keeping people fresh and awake (Haiken). An experiment with several people who have been asked to stay awake the whole nights was conducted. After a few restless nights, those people were able to focus on a subject for no more than 20 seconds and couldn’t take comprehensible notes (Bonnet). This is why another experiment concerning doctors’ sleeping hours was held. A few doctors were split into two groups. The first group had to sleep 2.8 hours, and the second - 7.1 hours, the baseline sleep amount. The results showed doctors who had slept an average of 2.8 hours, compared with their colleagues who had the 7.1 hours, reported significantly worse performance on at least one...

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