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Shot Or No Shot Essay

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You ask an adolescent now days if any of his friends have had sex, and the majority can say yes, but if you ask them how many of them were protected, or knew if the other person was tested negative for STD’s, most of them will just give you the shoulder shrug and say, “Well I don’t know, who cares anyways.” For this reason exactly vaccination from such an early start in children became an urgent need in the late 20th century and early 21st century, making it mandatory to receive Hep A and Hep B along with the other countless vaccines; however there is one that has been tried to make mandatory among girls, and it’s the HPV vaccine that is used to prevenet cervial cancer. In order to ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, while Allen argues that mandatory health screening and vaccinations are for the good of the people and for those that otherwise would never even know they needed a vaccine, Adams states that it goes against the freedom of the people and that slowly the “Big Pharma” would controll the health care system(Adams 447).
Now, refering specifically to the HPV vaccine, according to Allen, in the trials made to test the drug, the results came back optimistic. Allen stated that, “HPV vaccine was shown to prevent 70% of the growths that lead to cerical cancer”, which according to him, “Strikes 14000 American women each year”(Allen 449). Plus, in the trials done by Merck, “The 20,000 women who received vaccine...experienced no major side effects.”(Allen 449). Despite the reults Adams didn’t believe it was strong enough data affirming, “The accine is absolutely worthless as a medical treatment acording to top docs in the alternative health field, and in my opinion, the so-called “science” supporting the vaccine as the only prevention for cervical cancer is an outright fraud.”(445) While Adams claims the evidence from the trials is a fraud, Allen finds the concrete results promising and trustworthy, both of which coming from the same source, Merck, the manufacturer of the accine.
Now say that one decided not to take the vaccine, what would happen? Do the writers display any alternatives? Both Adams and Allen provided ways to prevent cervical cancer, both from different avenues. Adams recomended “adequate sunlight exposure and vitamin D consumption, adequate intake of selenium and zinc[among other supplements], regular exerciseand many other safe, natural, non-patented stargeties.”(447), making it obvious that Adams stuck mostly with the natural stragies and shied away from any processed orfabricated...

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