Should A Deep Ecologist Be A Vegetarian?

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Deep ecology is essentially the belief that we should learn to live in harmony with nature and connect with the earth, and the idea that all life forms, including humans, deserve equal rights, thus embracing a rejection of anthropocentricism. Nowhere in the philosophy of deep ecology does it say, or is implied, that a deep ecologist should be a vegetarian. To be both a vegetarian and a deep ecologist would actually be to find oneself in a contradictory position, as there are several opposing ideas within the two ideologies.Generally, one chooses to be a vegetarian for ethical, ascetic or nutritional reasons (Britannica 2001 CD-Rom). There is no reason why a deep ecologist should have any ascetic or nutritional motivations for becoming a vegetarian, unless it is a personal choice with no relation to deep ecology. Deep ecology does not encourage a healthy, nutritional lifestyle as a central belief, and certainly doesn't demand asceticism of its followers. As for ethical motivations, there is no reason why a deep ecologist cannot also be an omnivore. Deep ecology does not promote vegetarianism as an important tenet but rather leaves it to personal choice.While many deep ecology supporters are also vegetarians or vegans, they do not accept that deep ecology requires this as a mandatory belief. Some deep ecology supporters are omnivores (Orton 2000:online).As an important element of deep ecology, biocentrism is the belief that every living organism is of great value (Maunter 2000:70). Orton comments on a biocentrist group discussion on vegetarianism;Perhaps the sharpest discussions on secondary contradictions within left bio arose around the issue of vegetarianism. Participants in this discussion eventually came to accept that if the discussion group was to continue, then the position had to be lived with that a supporter of deep ecology could be either an omnivore or a vegetarian (Orton 2000:online).Deep ecologists fight to preserve endangered species and oppose the domestication of wild animals for human consumption (Orton 2000:online), but do not oppose the killing of domestic animals. In fact, deep ecology states that eating meat is acceptable and sometimes even necessary. Deep ecologists suggest it may be vital for survival, as 'mutual predation' is a natural part of life (Harris 2004:online). Arne Naess, founder of deep ecology, states that human existence 'necessitates some killing, exploitation and oppression' (Harris 2004:online). Deep ecologists even support hunting as a way of connecting with the natural world, as long as it is not for sport but as a means of subsistence, which is 'ecologically acceptable' (Orton 2000:online). Hunting as a valid form of subsistence implies the consumption of meat. Surely one who is a vegetarian cannot also partake in hunting - this would be a serious paradox of morals, demonstrating that deep ecology is not meant to be read as an advocate of vegetarianism.Some deep ecologists even accept inevitable wildlife...

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