Should A Nation Require All Its Students To Study The Same National Curriculum Until They Enter College?

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The cultivation of children is somewhat like the production. Consequently, teaching children with the same national curriculum is similar with the modern times massive production, while, schools with different academic courses are comparable with the small handcrafted workshops. As the massive and the handcrafted production have their respective pros and cons, these two education patterns are the similar cases.As we know the massive production realized by using the same mold can produce low-cost products and can also improve the production efficiency. Similarly, fostering the children with the same national curriculum can save the nation's effort in evaluation of the students' study and can also reduce the average cost spending on the fostering of a single student. Obviously, if different schools have different courses, the nation has to establish a complex evaluation system to assess different students' talents and knowledge foundation. Because different courses are generally of the different values in determining the students' ability, the evaluation must synthesize all the nation's on teaching courses and make decision to put how much weight on each one in the evaluation. And if some tremendous changes occur in one district, the nation has to change the original system to adapt to it. While, it is not the case in another education pattern under which the nation require all its students to study the same national curriculum. Through the nation-wide examination, the nation can easily draw the conclusion whether a student is eligible and it does not need to response to single district's changes as well. Moreover, the national curriculum can lead to the massive production of the required books, teaching facilities, and even the training of the corresponding...

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