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Should A Water Softener Be Used In Everyones Houses?

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Should a water softener be equipped in houses? A water softener is used to make "hard" water, which

is defined as water with a lot of calcium, magnesium and other mineral content, and making it "soft" by

extracting the minerals. A water softener contains a tank filled with thousands resin beads which are

covered with sodium ions. These beads play a crucial role in extracting the minerals from the water. As

water goes through the tank, the sodium ions (Na+) release themselves from the resin beads and the

resin beads, like magnets, attract the magnesium ions, calcium ions s and

the other minerals that make water hard. Eventually, the resin beads will all be covered in magnesium

and calcium ions. In this case, a brine (containing Na) will be flushed down the tank automatically, and

replace the resin beads covered with minerals which make the water hard. This process is known as

"Ion Exchange". Therefore, yes, a water softener should be used in houses around the community, it can
save you money and improve house performance.

Firstly, hard water can cause scale in your pipes which can lead to clogging of pipes. Scale is a

precipitate formed by the minerals in hard water. This can make the volume of the pipe smaller which

means that the water will have to find another path to get through the clog, which will result in more

pressure on the water and damage to the pipe which means that more money will be spent on house

maintenance. Secondly, hard water requires a lot more soap for any cleaning purposes (dishes, hair

etc.) because the minerals in hard water do not have a strong chemical reaction with the fatty acids in

soap and instead of lather, a little scrum is produced (a t. Large amounts of soap will be required to

create lather, however , using a water softener, will reduce the number of soap used for...

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