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Should Abortion Be Allowed? Essay

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Abortion is when you end a pregnancy so it does not result in a birth. It is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is a greatly debated topic and many people have fought for both sides of the argument. Another term for it is a miscarriage. Although many disagree keeping abortion legal there are many strong reasons to support its legalization.
When looking at the reasons of making abortion legal you must first take a look at the opposing side. For years many have argued to keep it illegal. Some of these reasons include religious reasons such as in Christianity it is an offense to God and what you believe in, it is also one of the most unrecognizable reasons of death in the world, and abortion is arguably very unsafe (10 reasons).
Judie Brown who is a president of the American Life League had this to say about abortion:
No one other than God should decide who lives or dies, and that applies to the "preborn" as well as the born. All choices should not be legal or protected, and abortion is one that should not be legal. Allowing abortion in cases of rape or incest punishes the innocent child more than the guilty rapist. The circumstances of a preborn child's conception should not negate its right to life. There are no medical conditions that threaten a woman's life in which abortion is a recognized treatment. Permitting abortion for fetal deformities translates to the theory that some lives are not worth living, and no one has the right to say which individual is not worthy of life. What some people see as "restrictions on women," others see as "protections for preborn children."

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A big argument is when it comes down to it it’s your choice. You should not be able to decide if your baby should live or die. It is up to a higher power like God. Allowing killing your child makes you and the doctor involved murderers. It should not be endorsed to make a decision of such importance (All Abortions).
Another reason to support making abortion illegal is going against your religion. As stated before Christianity is strongly against abortion, and in the eyes of the church it is murder no exceptions. It insults God and the gift he brought to you. Anti-abortion has always been a major problem for the church and Catholics have been the foremost out of all the sections of Christianity (10 Reasons). The gift of life is not something to be left up to choice by just one person. The viewpoint of the church supports this saying it should be left up to God because life should be cherished and not destroyed at the hands of a doctor.
Since the attacks on September 11th, 2001 the country has been consumed with the huge cost for warfare and the over desire for peace. Even though with all this concern one of the biggest crimes have gone virtually unnoticed. Abortion has claimed 52 million American lives in the last forty years. This...

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