Should Abortion Be Legal Or Illegal And Why? Philosphy 2306 Argumentative Paper

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Reina Vega 10/3/2017
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Whenever abortion is brought up, there will always be a variety of different opinions. Many will disagree with the idea of taking an innocent life. Although, what the debate is about is if there is life at the moment of conceiving or after a couple of months of there being a heartbeat. Many religions have a lot of negative views revolving this topic. I, on the other hand, think that the decision of aborting depends solely on the choice of the mother, regardless of what the government or religions think.
The choice of having an abortion is never an easy one, but sometimes it is a very necessary thing to do. For instance, there are multiple rape victims that do not want to bring a child that they were not planning on having or that they feel they might not love since the child would be a reminder of what happened to them. There are other instances where the mother does want to have her child but the child would not survive, is dying, or is causing the mother to have health problems that would eventually result in both dying. Having an abortion is not a bad or vile thing to do like some people see it. There are some cases in the united states where women just constantly abuse the availability of an abortion and that I do agree with.
Different religions argue on when the fetus is to be determined as a person. Judaism believes that the baby becomes a person at birth; Muslims believe that it isn’t a person till the ensoulment (which is between 40 or 120 days after birth), and the craziest of them all is the Catholics belief. Catholicism believes that it becomes a person at conception, basis of this belief sprouts from Dutch microscopist Hartsoeker who thought there was a little man inside the sperm cell. All theories have their own back story and that was the one that completely shocked me, the fact that people of intelligence really thought there was a little man in a sperm cell. I personally believe that the baby is not a real person till I can feel a heartbeat, when there is life.
In my opinion, women have the right to have an abortion. It is their freedom of choice as well control over their body. Imagine being a rape victim and getting pregnant from your attacker and you can’t do anything about it because other people feel that it is wrong for you to get an abortion because ‘they’ think it’s wrong. In...

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