Should Abortion Be Made Illiegal? I Think Not!

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The arguments between pro-life and pro-choice in regards to Abortion have been ongoing for decades now, and will continue for many more to come. But, Abortion should not be made prohibited. It is illegal in some countries and look at their population and the rate that they are breeding. Families would be torn apart, full of hate and anguish. Some mothers couldn't love their children. Some mothers couldn't even bear to look at their children. Many would see their child as the reason their lives were ruined, they could take one glace at their son or daughter and be reliving a terrifying life experience such has rape. Shouldn't we want people to be happy and living life as they want and not in fear? Shouldn't women have the right to choose what happens to their bodies and what happens in their life?If women have any control over their bodies they should have the right to choose abortion. If they decide that they are not cable able of bringing up a child then she should not be forced to. What would happen if she was made to give birth to this baby and there was lack of love or if she wasn't mentally or physically fit to bring a new form of life into this world. What would be better for the child? Being brought up living a life with a mother who is incapable of showing love and care for the child, or being deprived of life before even formed? It would also be unfair on the mother who for the rest of her life has to take care of this life form for which she never wanted and therefore would suffer dramatic emotional distress, depression, metal breakdowns and hatred. So who should be responsible for making the decision of these mothers' futures, the government or the women themselves?What if the mother was a victim of rape or incest? She would have to live everyday with the outcome of her rape. She would have look at that child everyday, and the pain from knowing that somewhere out there the father of that child raped her would be torture. If abortion was illegal thousands of women would have to endure this agony. Imagine looking at your child as a constant reminder of the anguish you suffered. You would live gazing at the child in fear and hatred. In addition to this if she was a victim of incest there is a good chance the baby will be deformed. What horrible regrets would the mother encounter? How is it fair to let a child live in this situation when it could be prevented before birth? Nobody deserves to be constantly reminded of such a disturbing and low incident as rape or incest.Picture this; a young girl makes the mistake of falling pregnant at the age of 16. She is still in school and has a great deal of potential. She has many ambitions in life that she desperately wants to fulfill. She is currently very...

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