Should Abortions Be Legal? Essay

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When you think of abortions do you think about death? Do you take into consideration that abortions could cause health side effects? Some abortions can even cause problems with you and your mate producing or trying to produce another child. Although , abortions are legal to have they also comes with multiple problems , which may cause lack of producing children in the near future , financial stability , and death. Even though women still have abortions despite the consequences many of women have health side effects. This paper will explain and inform the risk of abortions, the pros and cons of abortions, and some of the health side effects.
When you think of abortions do you think of financial stability and your health considered? Possible to travel, loss of fertility, and even depression? These huge factors are highly ignored at the thought of abortion. Many women don’t know that before terminating a pregnancy these questions must be answered. There are also risks and factors of abortions such as forever lasting cons of abortions. Some women have problems with financial stability because you have to pay high prices when dealing with abortions. Some doctors or clinic determines the price when having abortions depending on how far along you are in your first trimester.
While determining to have an abortion the first thought may be location. All Clinics in the sates of Tennessee do not do abortions. Some clinic does abortion to a certain amount of time; you have to be so many months to have an abortion. Some cities and states don’t allow abortions period. For example, the state of Tennessee has only three locations that offer abortion services. Those services are only offered during the first trimester of pregnancy. After a certain amount of weeks the clinic may send you further out due to the trimester, you may be relocated or directed to another clinic in another state. As the Roe v. wade amendment state after 5 months it is considered murder. As some clinics recommend after 4 months you are not allowed to have an abortion in the state of Tennessee. An abortion comes with more than just financial stability and other things it also comes with location and deciding where you would have to go to get abortions.
Furthermore, the prices of abortion services are extremely expensive. A price for an in-clinic abortion in most states starts at approximately “400 Dollars”. Services like the medication method, which is the pill method starts at approximately 400-750 dollars. The procedures and method for abortions...

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