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Should All Dogs And Their Owners Be Required To Go Through A Training

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“Coexistence of man and dog is so age-old that most of the people have never thought about when the dog appeared in the human society“ (Kholová 14, as translated by Hana Drazdíková). Despite taming and taking care of various kinds of animals, the man stayed true to his age-old friend, a dog. Many people today have at least one dog in the household, but there are apparently some problems with dog’s behaviour which need to be solved. Is the solution obligatory training for dogs and their owners?
In general, there are three types of dog owners. The first type treats dog as a baby. Owners are buying their darlings special clothes and shoes, the most expensive dog food on the market and various dog accessories. These owners are not punishing their dog for bad behaviour because “it is just a little cute dog!“ So their “little cute dogs“ are spoilt, aggressive and absolutely annoying with their unstoppable barking.
Second type of owners is aware of what it means to have a dog. They do not have dogs only to satisfy their need to care for somebody or something. They also realize that the other people do not have to share their passion for dogs so they have their dogs trained, they are cleaning after them and keeping them on lead where needed.
The last, third type, have dogs for seemingly unknown reason. They are not taking much care where their dogs are, instead of going for a walk they very often just open the door or gate and let the dog walk itself. Without being interested in other people’s safety or about cleaning dog’s excrements. None of them considered the dog training. It seems to be not worth it for them.
As it was indicated untrained dogs can cause many difficulties. The most serious ones are of course killings. It was at the beginning of November, when in Britain, four-year-old girl was killed by a dog kept by her family. The dog was apparently determined to kill: “Police have said Hudson was forced to stab the dog with a kitchen knife in an attempt to save her daughter and halt the sustained attack“ (Lexi Branson). According to the Guardian, it was a bulldog. Bulldogs, or bull mastiffs, can weight up to 130 pounds (Lacoste). It is clear that when it had decided to kill, there was no chance for the little girl. The Guardian also claims that the family had their dog only for two months and it died shortly after the attack for unknown reasons (Jones). We can speculate that it was put to death. In this case, decent dog training could probably save two lives – of the girl and of the wild dog.
On the other hand, and with no relation to the dead girl, some people have objections against the obligatory training. On the web site called The New York Senate Open Legislation Service there is a discussion about a bill dealing with that problem. Many people are complaining that it is their private life and that the government has no right to interfere. Some of them even try to ridicule the proposal by saying...

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