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Should All Sex Offenders Be Required To Register

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In the United States there are 747,000 registered sex offenders. (Snyder) While most sex offenders are male, sometimes sex offenses are committed by female offenders. Sex Offenders who are released from incarceration are required to register in the sex offender registry. The sex offender registry is a system in various states designed to let government authorities keep track of the residence and activities of sex offenders, including those who have completed their criminal sentences. (Wikipedia) Even if the offender has done their time they are still required by law to register, making it hard for the offenders to leave their past and return to everyday life. My paper will make you ask yourself should all sex offenders be required to register or are they deserving of a new path.
Did you know most sexual crimes happen between the times of 6:00pm to 12:00am? The total number of sex offenders under supervision of a corrections agency 265,000.
A Sex Offender is defined as a person that commits a crime like rape, statutory rape, or petty crimes like urinating in public. . You can catch a sex crime charge by simply urinating in public. However, you would still have to register on the site. When people see these names on the list more than likely they automatically think of rape or a heinous sex crime. Most of the time it’s not even that way. That’s why people argue that the sex offender registry does more harm than good. They paint a picture of these people that’s sometimes not accurate. When people see an offenders name on the list automatically they change the way they view you as a person. For example, Ed Gordon was a man convicted of a sex crime because he was 30 years old dating a young teen that was half his age. He was charged with statutory rape. Gordon now has a family and children and he has also moved to a new neighborhood. However, once the community found out about his past the children in the community didn’t want to play with his kids anymore and every one stayed away from them. “They treated us as if we were diseased”, said Gordon. The average number of years you get for a sexual crime 3.5 years so after their time is served most offenders consider themselves “rehabilitated” in a way. When people see the names sometimes they can try to handle the situation unlawfully. “The public believes everyone on a sex offender registry is dangerous,” said Jamie Fellner, director of the United States program at Human Rights Watch.
Although, people feel as if the registry is downgrading other people feel differently. Some people essentially think they registry is beneficial and necessary. One study, by J.J. Prescott of the University of Michigan and Johan Rockoff of Columbia University, found that requiring sex offenders to register with police may significantly reduce the chances that they will re-offend. ("Studies question effectiveness of sex offender laws") Citizens argue that the registry can be helpful in telling who to stay away from, who...

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