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Should America be at War with Afghanistan? Many citizens in the United States of America believe that our country should not go to war with terrorist forces in a foreign country know as Afghanistan. They fell we will just be resorting to terrorism. Although Tomas Pain once said, ? If a thief breaks into my house burns and destroys my property? Am I to suffer.? Terrorism: Mass-organized ruthlessness. Smashing two, seven-forty-seven jet airliners into two gargantuous builds filled with innocent civilians are an act of terrorism. These civilians had nothing to do with the military. The United States has and will retaliate with more bombings on military quarters. Why should we let these terrorists commit such horrific crimes and the United States not retaliate, it makes no sense. If we were to declare war on Afghanistan it would mitigate some problems that have been corrupting the Middle East for thousands of years over religion. Just realizing that the Taliban is mad because in World War 2 we moved thousands of Jewish refuges into Pakistani. Their religion also believes in Holy wars. Just realizing this and not doing anything is not going to stop terrorist training camps being created and many more terrorist attacks on our country. Some of us may be sitting here trying to muster up some peace rally. You don?t see the Taliban trying to achieve world peace. They have no representative in the UN and feel they are far superior to any other country and world peace.Declaring war on Afghanistan and the Taliban would help the surrounding countries and even the world. They fell that their religion should be taught to every human in the world and will not stop fighting until they have total religious domination (if you will)....

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