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Should America Keep The Affordable Care Act?

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The new healthcare law is being shoved down American throats. A recent statistic shows that 8.2 million Americans are not able to find jobs because of the Affordable Care Act. In order to get money for healthcare there are new taxes, on those who are paid more and also on young and healthy people. The ACA currently has had six lawsuits filed against it. The Affordable Care Act keeps getting delayed by the very administration that created it. Healthcare reform has cost lots of valuable money and time, caused confusion, and generated lawsuits challenging it.
The Affordable Care Act is President Obama’s new solution to provide healthcare coverage to uninsured Americans. The theory is that millions of uninsured Americans will get access to affordable health insurance through the government. The Affordable Care Act reforms Medicare. You cannot be dropped from coverage when you get sick. You cannot be denied coverage or treatment for being sick. You also cannot be charged more for being sick. Although these are all mostly the positive sides to the Affordable Care Act there are many negative. Since you cannot be dropped for being sick, it will make the prices for everyone’s insurance go up. Also, since so few young and healthy Americans have signed up, the math used to create the program is not adding up. Because there is so much confusion surrounding the specifics of the
ACA, the Affordable Care Act keeps getting delayed. The Obama administration announced another delay on Monday, February 10, 2014. This delay was for businesses to provide health coverage to workers. There have also been previous delays. Many Americans believe Obama also violated the Constitution by using his executive powers to alter the Affordable Care Act. Millions of Americans have been lied to by the Obama Administration. President Obama said “If you like your plan you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Americans are now finding out this is false. Doctors are now getting paid less and have to do tons more paperwork. They are also losing their patients because insurance companies can limit them to who their doctors are. Overall, the big question is whether all this trouble makes it worth keeping the Affordable Care Act.
Healthcare has received multiple lawsuits that challenge whether it is even legal. One lawsuit is Hotze v. Sebelius. Kathleen Sebelius is the Health and Human Services Secretary of the United States. Hotze is a doctor who is challenging whether the employer mandate is allowed under the Constitution. The Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits the government from taking private property for public use. Hotze argues that the Affordable Care Act violates this by mandating that his business give money to another business. In this case, the other business is an insurance company.
The second lawsuit was also filed by Hotze. In this one, Hotze is challenging the law using the Constitution’s “origination clause,” which...

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