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"Should America Remain A Nation Of Immigrants?"

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Social scientist Tamar Jacoby states that yes, America should remain a Nation of Immigrants, immigrants keep the economy string because they take the jobs that Americans decline and work hard for less money. Jacoby says that after the September 11 attacks, it caused people to fear foreigners. He also states that the foreign-born population is now at 28 million and growing and those Illegal aliens take up between 7-8 million of the population. Jacoby also declares that the population will double in the next 50 years due mostly to foreigners. Immigrant's reliance on welfare exceeds that of Native Americans as well. Immigrant's also failed or refused to learn our native language and adopt our traditions. Columnist Patrick J. Buchanan states that no, America should not remain a Nation of Immigrants because immigrants coming from third world countries has caused America to no longer be a nation because we lack a familiar culture. Because of over-population in the United States, I am anti-immigration and feel we should no longer remain a Nation of Immigrants."In 2000, there were over 32 million foreign-born residents in the U.S (11% of the total U.S. population). These immigrants fall into one of several categories depending on how they came to the U.S. and their current citizenship status. Most immigrants (73%) are here legally. Undocumented aliens, many of whom entered legally but overstayed their visas, account for 27 percent. Almost one-third are naturalized citizens and most immigrant families (85%) contain children that are U.S. citizens".( Foreign population is also growing and illegal aliens are between 7-8 million of it. With all of the population growth from all foreigners, our towns are becoming overcrowded and cities are going to become unlivable. Schools are also overcrowded with foreigners and many of them don't speak English at all or very little of it. Many immigrants have failed or refused to learn our native language so they can't help their children in school, causing them to fall behind and it slows down the native born Americans. The families of immigrants that don't speak English and don't care about their educational goals are hindering those who do speak English and want to further educate themselves. Some states have laws allowing illegal immigrants to attend school. Why? Foreigners should have to have the same papers as Native Americans in order to attend school, a legal birth certificate, green card, or proof of being an American. And because they are here illegally, parents pay little into the tax infrastructure to fund that education. Test scores are also much lower than they should be due to the learning gap. If you were to take out the scores of the non-English speaking foreigners, test scores would be much higher. This has more to do with the state of California.Illegal Immigrants are also solely to blame for a raise in crime rates in the state of California. Audits are showing that authorities are not...

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