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Should Americans Fear Urban Terrorism? Essay

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As long as there are American based militia groups, there will be the threat of Americans being attacked by other Americans. Even the majority of the membership in radical right-wing organizations finds the thought of terrorizing their fellow American citizens absurd. But when you have these types of organizations there is always a chance that a few personalities will turn to extreme measures to gain the attention of the media and the public’s mind. Until every radical right-wing organization discloses their goals and methods of achieving those goals are disclosed, there will be a threat of future urban terrorist attacks.
     Experts estimate that about 200,000 Americans are active in the hate groups of the Patriot Movement, and that an additional 1 million citizens are sympathizers. The SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) lists 602 groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, racist skinheads, black separatists, freemen, and militant abortion foes (Reich 89-90). These various organizations were developed and have flourished under the current constitutional rights to the freedom of speech. The messages that these organizations are trying to spread may not necessarily be widely accepted; but under the laws of free speech, the message is spread. The problem with totally eliminating these groups is that the American public is not willing to give up the rights that have been enjoyed under the Constitution.
     As mentioned earlier, many within these groups are not out to harm anyone; they only want to have a voice in what they believe to be true, as is their right within the Constitution....

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