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Should An Athlete's Gender Determine Whether Or Not They Will Be Allowed To Participate In Any Sport They Choose?

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Should an athlete's gender determine whether or not they will be allowed to participate in any sport they choose?Whenever the topic of letting women play sports with men comes up, there are always people who have their own distinct opinions of what should happen. It is almost like bringing up the topics of religion or politics within a large group. People's ideas on the subject might agree with a main view, but each person sees minor respects of that topic from a little different perspective. So, what are some of the ideas for or against letting women play in men's sports leagues and vice versa?In today's society, with its rapidly changing ideas of what is right, wrong, or indifferent this subject is bound to come up. Women have been fighting for equality with their male counterparts the birth of this country. They have made some great strides along the way and achieved many things to help in the advancement of all women. Though it is becoming more and more of an issue now that women want not only to have the right to play any sport they choose (most all sports have a women's league today), but also to play along side the men. This is one debate that will probably never be truly won or lost completely to one side. However, it is a topic that, if enough support is raised, women might actually earn/win women the right to play along side the males who for centuries dominated the sporting scene. This truly is a noble idea, but is it best for the women athletes and the sports in which their influence will be felt?Some people say allowing women to play sports with men will just get more women hurt and water down the effected sports. Males are usually bigger and stronger than the females that play the exact same sport. The women would just end up getting hurt, making the men feel bad. If women are allowed to cross the gender boundary why can't men play in female sporting leagues? So some of the people in this group decide that if a sport doesn't require much physical contact (such as running, tennis, kayaking, bowling, etc.), they will allow the women to compete with the men. They could even take it a step further and eliminate men and women's leagues in these sporting areas and just have one division comprised of both males and females. That way whoever wins has done so by their own merit, skill, and hard work, while still keeping the sport's strong competitive drive alive. Through this idea the top athletes will not be determined by gender, but rather by ability.We should also take into account that this change will eventually trickle down and become the new standard for sporting (professional, scholastic, and leisure). This will be the only way for boys and girls growing up to truly appreciate each other as athletes without gender roles being enforced.Then there are those who believe that men and women aren't biologically or physically far apart. It just takes hard work and training for anyone to become an elite athlete, male or female. In fact many...

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