Should Animals Be Used In Research

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Running head: SHOULD ANIMALS BE USED IN RESEARCH?Should animals be used in research?There have been many different kinds of cruel animal testing performed over the years. The most unnecessary types of animal testing are using animals for testing cosmetics and different products. Although it is very possible to produce cosmetics without testing on animals, some companies continue to do so. Animal rights have been a heated issue for decades, argued by such philosophers as Tom Regan. Regan believes that any practice in which an "experiencing subject of a life" is used as a resource is unethical, not because of emotion, but because of reason. Tom Regan is a firm believer and strong supporter of animal rights. This includes the elimination of research experiments using animals. First of all, to understand Regan's argument, you must assume that some things are true. The first and most important thing you must understand is that pain is pain, wherever it occurs. This means that each and every animal on this earth feels pain and suffering just as much as any other animal. It is just as wrong to inflict pain or suffering on a moral agent, someone with moral standing who can deliberate morally, as it is to a moral patient, something that has moral standing, but cannot deliberate morally. Every moral patient's interests are weighed equally to those of moral agent's. Therefore, we must not discriminate based on any characteristics such as size, color, nationality, religious or racial affiliation, gender, species, etc. We must only realize that moral agents and moral patients all have certain inherit value, and all have it equally.Another thing we have to realize in order to understand Regan's argument is that all moral agents and moral patients are "experiencing subjects of life." An experiencing subject of a life is a, "conscious creature having an individual welfare that has importance to us whatever our usefulness to others (Waller Pg.140)." Regan goes on to explain that, as an experiencing subject of a life, "we want and prefer things, believe and feel things, recall and expect things (Waller pg. 140). I agree with" Regan's view supporting the elimination of using animals for testing cosmetics and different products.There are different tests used on animals when developing products, two tests being the eye irritancy test and the Ld-50. The first test contains liquid or granule flake that is exposed onto the surface of an animal's eye. The animal of choice for this experiment is the albino rabbit for its sensitive eyes. The rabbit is immobilized in a stock to prevent escaping the test. The test is in intervals of 72 hours, with test lasting many days or weeks. "Usually it results in destroying the eye entirely, or the animal breaking its own neck to survive." The other immoral and cruel experiment to animals is the acute toxicity test. The toxicity test involves forcing a tube down an animal's stomach or down...

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