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Should Animals Be Used In Reserch?

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Living beings consist of only two kinds, animals and plants. Humans being the highest race of animals, seems to have a big sense of their own importance and live in the illusion that the earth belongs only to them and they are the only ‘living creature’ to be cared. Since the very beginning of the human race, science has been making our lives easier and comfortable. The outstanding combination of nature, its resources and the human brain has been the raw materials for this advancement. As it is well said nothing comes free of cost, and nature had been paying a huge cost for humans comfort. The animals-cats, rabbits, rats and so on are widely and cruelly used in various kinds of scientific research, and millions die every year. The use of animals as a source of experiments in behavioral and biomedical research has become a subject of heated debate in social, political, philosophical, ethical and psychological grounds. Animals should not be used as subjects for experiment because they are living being and experience pain, instead we can opt for alternatives for animals as subjects for experiments.
Science has made drastic changes in human lifestyles, life spans and comfort. Medicine has always been the center of attraction in the field of science. In an article, “The Ethics of Animal Experimentation” published in the Journal of Medical Ethics the authors contend, “Animals experiments are the bricks and mortar, in some cases the very foundations of the modern medical science…”( Petter, Hegarty, Roman, Ryder and Clark 118 ). The life span of diabetic patients has increased in the last 50 years only because of the introduction of artificial insulin, which was only possible due to animal experimentation. Similarly, we will find numerous advancements making human life easier only because of animal experimentation. This argument can be supported by the beliefs and reasoning by the people who practice this experimentation and are benefitted by it. According to RDS News, {Research Defense Society} “In 2006, a survey by GP Net showed that 96% of GPs {Medical general practitioners} agreed that animal research has made important contributions to many medical advances.”(RDS News, 2006). Thus making the benefits of using animals in research clear and rational.

The ability to speak and think makes humans stand out of other animals making them special and superior. Humans consider themselves as omniscient. Since humans are the only ones to be eloquent, some believe that only humans have rights because they can fight for it. According to an article by Carl Cohen published in The New England Journal of Medicine, animals (non-human animals) do not have any rights. Cohen’s argument is that, “Animals are not beings of a kind capable of exercising or responding to moral claims”( Cohen 865). Thus, he concludes with iron certainty that animals have no rights and can have none. He also adds that the holders of rights must have the capacity to comprehend...

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805 words - 4 pages Apr. 2014. . "Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing." ProCon. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Apr. 2014. .

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