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Should Arts In Education Be Cut? Writing 1552 Research Paper

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Should Arts in Education Be Cut?
Mia Bell
Youngstown State University
Throughout many years government funding to educational budgets have been cut drastically. Although this has affected school districts a great amount, the legislators of our government see it of being a beneficial solution towards the United States financial stance. School districts are often forced to cut the arts from the educational programs they hold, in result of these budget cuts being made to education today. It is argued that schools may be able to cut finances from other programs rather than just cutting the arts. This literature review examines the reasons why the arts can be beneficial towards a school district. The paper will compare both sides of the argument, the benefits of keeping the arts, and the benefits of cutting the arts from a school system. The examination of the importance of the arts being in school systems across our country will provide knowledge of how it may benefit to students social interactions, communication skills, improve child development, as well as provide more skill specialties within standard core subjects.
Should Arts in Education Be Cut?
In the United States today, parents are required by law to send their children to school for a mandatory amount of time with necessity of the children being enrolled in school from kindergarten- 12th grade. The student does have the ability to drop out if desired when they are eighteen. While being mandated to do so, it is expected that the students of America will be provided with the best options and opportunities to succeed in the future. Although education is a necessity in the U.S., the funding for schools across the nation has continually been cut over the many passing years. As studied by the Census Bureau (2015), on average some forty six percent of school revenues in the U.S. come from state funds, “Public Elementary- Secondary Education Finance Report, 2013 Data”. In result of the cuts of school funding, budgets for the arts have been threatened in multiple school districts all across the country. Some parents and school faculty believe that we need to focus more time, and money, on the basic core classes, as well as other extra-curricular activities that do not include the arts. Having the arts in education can be beneficial in more ways than most people know of.
Budget cuts are made to education as each new administration enters the White House, due to new legislations being passed. The positive outcome of educational funding being cut is that it serves as a short term solution to the past and current poor financial and operational planning within our government. Another reason why cuts are being made to schools is due to the recession. Although it has been several years since, law makers believe that it is a better option than to tax the citizens of each township. It is believed by law makers that tax payers would be reluctant and angry...

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